Battle Cry - Part 2 - The Word

Two weeks ago, I shared part 1 of my observations of the Battle Cry teen event. You can read what I shared about the worship experience here. Today, I want to share a few insights I gleaned from the teaching that was offered at Battle Cry.

During the opening message by Ron Luce, "Smitten With Love," a waterfall thundered on the enormous video screens from floor to towering ceiling. The roaring water continually cascaded, its power inescapable. Encouraged to figuratively stick our toe in and immerse ourselves in the waterfall of His love, I felt drenched from head to toe.

The message that God is “wooing” us was a bit lost on the teens, but went straight to my  woman’s heart. God wants to capture not just our attention, but to capture our heart with complete commitment to Him, no dating others! After courting, sweethearts get married and then they live together, not separately.

And after we say “I do” we are to dwell together, not have divided lives. Newlyweds completely reorient their lives, and as believers, we are to reorient ourselves completely to our Bridegroom. The Lord didn’t send a love note. He sent us Himself.


Ron’s closing message, “Who You Gonna Listen To,” was one that resonated loudly with both the teens and me. Of the many voices that scream at us, you must choose to listen to love. When you listen to the wrong voices, your identity is stolen. Since this is the very topic of my book, I was hooked, especially by the videos that punctuated his message. One in particular showed a teen getting ready for school. He opened his dresser drawer to pull out some clothes. Then he rummaged in the bottom of the drawer and pulled out a handful of passports, each one with a different identity. One day he went to school as Mr. Smooth, another day it was Nervous Ned or Locker Room Loser or Dark Magic. But the last passport bore the name “Re-bourne Identity” (which happens to be one of my possible book titles!!!), and the audience boomed their applause.
It was a totally awesome video, but I realized it stopped short of my topic, so I’ll be hunting for some videographers to make a sequel! You see, my book is about the identities that we assume after we are re-born. We are new creations in Christ, but often live defeated lives, not bearing our true identities: We are children of the King, joint heirs with Christ, ambassadors for the kingdom of heaven of which we are citizens. We are soldiers engaged in battle, athletes running a marathon, branches of the life-giving Vine. We are instruments fit for the Master’s use, His workmanship fearfully and wonderfully made, clay in the Potter’s hands. We are a vapor, sheep, salt and light. I could go on, but you get the idea.

The message summation is this - You must choose which voice to listen to. You must choose to listen to love. If you encountered God this weekend, then on Monday, BE the love encounter. "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34 You don’t need to love many, but love one and make a difference.

Stay tuned tomorrow. I have a few more morsels to share from Nick Vujicic. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

And if you haven’t yet left a comment regarding my book giveaway from last week, please be sure to so I know if you’re interested in the drawing. It’s an awesome book about “finding our true image in the mirror of God.” Contest ends Wednesday.

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Karen Lange said...

Thank you for sharing this. It does make you think. I heard a sermon where we were encouraged to stop and consider who we were listening to, what were we meditating on, etc, throughout the day and the choices that we faced from there. It stuck with me and this reminded me of it. Good stuff, thanks! :)