Thanks AND Book Giveaway

What a joy to spend a day with the women of Calvary Chapel North Jersey on Saturday. It was a special day dedicated to the beauty of the Lord, and the beauty that He instills in us.

How good and pleasant it is when sisters live together in unity! Ps. 133:1

My first thought was how good it was to be there, to be in the company of such lovely women.  And I remembered someone else who said,"It is good for us to be here."

One day, Jesus took His inner circle, Peter, James and John, up on a high mountain. Miraculously, Jesus was transformed into a figure of blazing white, and He was joined by Elijah and Moses. Peter said to Jesus, "Lord, it is good for us to be here..." Matt. 17:4

Peter also suggested building 3 shelters so that they could stay on the mountaintop. But that wasn't God's plan then, nor is it now. In His grace, He provides us spiritual mountaintop experiences, but He doesn't want us to set up camp and stay there. Were we to stay permanently up on the mountain, the people in the valley would never get to hear the good news. Also, fruit doesn't grow on mountaintops. Fruit grows in the valley.

So thankfully, we get glimmers of glory, and then we are  commissioned to share what He has shared with us. We enjoy brief periods of R + R before we head back to the struggle, back to the valley. Yet whether on the mountaintop or in the valley, He is with us.
Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for You are close beside me. Ps. 23:4 NLT

So as much as I would love to stay on a retreat, experiencing the sweet joy and fellowship with God and His people, it is necessary to take what I've gleaned and return to the frontlines. To continue the blessing and as a thank-you to the women of Calvary Chapel, I am giving away the book "Who Calls Me Beautiful" by Regina Frankin. I will make 2 copies available.

Who Calls Me Beautiful?—Finding Our True Image in the Mirror of God

Who Calls Me Beautiful? helps you to identify the forces that influence your life and affect how you understand “beauty,” and encourages you to embrace a biblical and spiritual balance that honors the God who created you.

“I am an ordinary woman who has faced the same struggles that other women face,” says Regina Franklin. “But we have an extraordinary God who sees us as His beautiful vessels.”

Contest Rules:

1. For the Calvary gals, if you sign up to be a follower or subscriber to Eternity Cafe, and leave a comment with your email address, you will be entered to win.

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Contest ends Wednesday, May 5th


Deborah said...


I just love the Psalm 133:1 scripture. I have close sisters-in-Christ who I go to for prayers in unity.


Karen Lange said...

Thank you for sharing this:) The book sounds great.

I am a follower.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Dear Susan:

Thanks for offering this book, and all you do in your life to promote unity among God's people.

I need this book--I've gained weight lately, am unhappy with my hair, and am approaching 55. I need a new outlook on beauty!

Please enter my name. I follow your lovely blog.


Thanks and Hugs to you!

quietspirit said...

I am a follower.

I am at a standstill in my life. Weight,Activity,Writing all have not done what I wanted.