Jersey? Sure!

I am a real housewife of NJ.

First let me say that I have never seen Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of NJ or any of the other rubbish supposedly depicting my state. But I have seen enough on the news or the internet to know that these programs do not represent where I live and work and raise my family. Although I spent my early years in NY state, I’m a Jersey Girl through and through.
I love the beaches, the mountains, the 4 seasons, the diversity of ethnic foods and cultures, the 24 hour diners and convenience stores, cheap gas prices and I don't have to pump it, and of course, the people.
NJ is called the Garden State because its rich soil grows the best and most abundant tomatoes, eggplants, corn, cranberries and blueberries. There's nothing so sweet as blueberries in June or a fresh Jersey tomato in September.
I love being near NYC and Philadelphia, yet being able to go home to my quiet little abode by a lake.  It's easy to take a plane, train, bus, cab, truck, or boat to just about anywhere on earth. Sure there's traffic, but lots of places have traffic, don’t they? Some say they don’t like NJ because of the NJ Turnpike, in particular the northern industrial end. I say comparing the state of NJ to the NJ Turnpike is like comparing the state of NY to the Cross Bronx Expressway. It’s just a few miles of industry providing jobs to many people.
As a college freshman, my daughter had to give a persuasive speech. Her topic? Why New Jersey is the best state. When she finished, her teacher said, “Now I don’t feel so bad about paying my taxes.”
I know people love to mock New Jersey, but too often people mock what they don't know, so I thought I'd share a little taste of my state:

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Maria said...

loved it.

It was great seeing you yesterday. I havn't laughed like that in a long long time.

Cookie said...

Praise the Lord Jersey Girl

Thank you for the History lesson. I love New Jersey. Even more now, because you reside there with the Holy Trinity :-).

Cheri Bunch said...

This is very interesting, Susan! Thanks for sharing it. You should come and visit me in Kansas. You would love it here too!

Love you,

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Susan -

Perhaps you should write travel brochures for NJ. :)

Thanks for giving us a sketch of the Garden State.


Val said...

Hi Susan,
Thank you for sharing.

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

Hi Val,
And thank you for stopping by Eternity Cafe!

Anne said...

I'm a Jersey Girl through and through born and raised and now living in Hawaii (I know sad, huh?). You can see me on the road I'm the one whose license reads, "JRZGAL". Unfortunately, motor vehicle told me someone already took JRZGRL. That's fine with me cause there is someone else out there just as proud as I am to come from Jersey. We are at best intelligent, opinionated, loud, comical and a host of other wonderful qualities. We will give you the shirt off our backs and as my family says, "the food out of our mouth" (sounds disgusting I know, but you get the idea). We love hard and forgive easily. We are what makes Jersey the best state in the union!