Wrinkled Ladies

Beyonce has nothing on Anita Renfro and us wrinkled ladies!!

I often lament my wrinkles. They started to reveal their ugly selves when I was in my 30's. The only benefit to those additional creeping pounds from my 40's is that my wrinkles smoothed out a bit. I heard somewhere that middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle.

My mother-in-law is 92 (don't tell her I told you), but the woman has NO wrinkles. Really!   And don't tell me that worrying give you wrinkles. It's her hobby. She'd win the gold if worrying was an Olympic event, yet her face is as smooth as it was 40 years ago. There oughta be a law!

I, on the other hand, am not a worrier, but have a lovely wrinkle collection! They say wrinkles are just "antique smiles." Who knew I was an antique collector??

Someday though, I'll be wrinkle-free!! Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. Eph. 5:25-28
When I wash stuff, I create wrinkles, but when He does the cleansing, He removes them! Along with all our other imperfections. Can I hear an Amen?

On a weirdly similar theme, the winners of the book giveaway "Who Calls Me Beautiful?—Finding Our True Image in the Mirror of God" are Karen Lange from Write Now, Jeanette Levellie from Audience of One and Cecelia, Quiet Spirit from Following My King. You are each so special and encouraging to me. Thank you!


Maria I. Morgan said...

Love this post, Susan! Maybe we can run an antique shop together! I hear you about the wrinkles! Thankful that in the presence of Christ there will be no more wrinkles. God bless!

*Congratulations to the book winners!

Danie Marie said...

Love the video, love the post, and I love antiques, but not my wrinkles! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Cheri Bunch said...

Amen, Girl!!! I have a friend who swears that Aloe Vera juice prevents wrinkles. Great post, Susan! Thanks for the smiles ... more wrinkles!!!

quietspirit said...

Antique smiles, I like it. May I borrow it.
I notice a few around my eyes. The rest of my face is puffy. (read sort of fat)
Thank you for the book.

quietspirit said...

The video is precious.

Jan Cline said...

It's not so much the wrinkles, it's the gravitational pull of the universe on most of my body. Maybe we should all stand on our head more often. Thanks for sharing the video.

Karen Lange said...

Amen! Couldn't have said it better! I was surprised and pleased to see that I won. Thank you so much. It is a lovely end of the week surprise. Congrats, too, to Cecelia and Jeanette!

Susan, your blog is a blessing in so many ways.
Hugs and blessings to you,

Jean said...

I love it! I was grooving right along with those lovely young women.

I have to say AMEN to Jan's comment, BTW. Yep. Gravity has certainly taken its toll on various parts of my body.

And I like the idea of being spotless and wrinkle free, Halelujah!

Thanks for brightening my day!


Denise said...

...wonderful...made me smile....back to work....

Robin said...

Dear Susan,

Whoa girl I'm impressed. Awesome wrinkle entry and use of the video. No doubt about it, the Lord is using you in a mighty way!

Have a super Friday -

Jeanette Levellie said...

Susan: Thank you so much for the book! You are a dear, sweet sister.

Lots of love,

Terri Tiffany said...

Congrats to the winners(some of my good friends:) As to wrinkles, I love your take on them. I've got my share growing and am learning to love them.