Mothers Day ... Shmothers Day!

I confess. I have a love/hate relationship with Mother's Day. For too many years, it represented struggle. Then I became a mom. Still some struggle to be sure, but at last I discovered what it meant to be a child of God - for in my love for my child, I got a glimpse of the unabashed, uncompromising, unconditional, unending love that my Father has for me.

Of course, comparing what I am to what I feel I ought to be (the Proverbs 31 model) leaves me feeling less than best.

This year, I found myself getting stressed out because I wanted to share a brilliant Mother's Day message to encourage you, but just couldn't get it together in time. I read a really great post over at my friend, Jody Hedlund, about being (or not being) a supermom. She's a gifted homeschooling, writing, supermom of 5, but here's a snippet of what she had to say:

  • "When I really stop to think about all my friends, I realize each of them is a super-mom in their own unique way. We all have unique gifts and abilities. Each of us puts forth incredible amounts of effort and dedication to our talents."

I wanted to write a post as good as hers.

But I didn't.

And there’s this quote that I wanted to share:

  • "Every good mother, sooner or later, must understand she is denied ownership; she is merely granted stewardship." T.D.Jakes
Isn’t that a great quote? I wanted to write a whole essay on the truths contained there.

But I didn't.

Then I received that email with a great message worth sharing.

And I did.

Too often, I find myself clinging to the memories of my failures. I measure myself against Solomon’s description, that excellent wife whose noble doings surpass all other women, and I am found wanting.

It’s just too easy for me to go jogging down that memory lane. The enemy of our souls would have us settle there in that discouragement. He’s a bully, an intimidator. Peter calls him a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. When I dwell in discouragement, I feel like a toy mouse batted around by a huge, hungry cat.

It’s then that I must flee the cat, dash to the Liontamer, and remember the truth - he is a ravenous lion, but one with his teeth knocked out! He is already a defeated foe. When James says to resist the devil and he will flee from you, he first says to humble yourself before the Lord. Only by recognizing who we are in Christ can we stand firm to resist the devil. Never can we do this in our own strength.

Just as the enemy used Scripture to tempt Jesus in the desert, He can do that to me with parts of Proverbs 31, that portrayal of a true “supermom”. But Scripture is balanced, even Proverbs 31. Here’s the comment I left after reading Jody’s supermom post:

  • People who have called me a "supermom" are those who have seen just a sliver of who I really am, the outside busy part. You are so right when you say each mom has their own gifts and talents that others admire. Sadly, too often we see our failings and admire others’ gifts and talents as more valuable than our own. The only thing that really makes us super is the Maker who made us. Solomon sums it up best: "Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; BUT A WOMAN WHO FEARS THE LORD IS TO BE PRAISED!”
It isn’t about what I accomplish or what I look like. It isn’t even about who I am. It’s about Who’s I am. Merely being a woman who fears the Lord is reason enough to be praised. Now instead of jogging down memory lane, I’m going to take up residence in lover’s lane with my Bridegroom.


Karen Lange said...

Thanks for sharing and being real. I'm with you:) None of us are really super moms in the perfect sense, but as you said, fearing the Lord is who we should be.

I too, was going to write a wonderful Mother's Day post, a tribute to my Mom (who passed away 6 weeks ago). But it hasn't happened. Yet. One of these days I'll share something from my heart, and the timing will be okay. No regrets, just moving forward trusting and fearing the Lord.
Hugs and Blessings,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I cling to failure as well, Susan. I imagine that for as long as I retain the flesh, there will always be the side of me that occasionally "gets it wrong" as a human being and, therefore, focuses on the wrong longer than I should.

God in his grace and mercy has been very kind to me and shown me complete forgiveness regarding my "getting it right" and "getting it wrong." He asks me to be kinder to myself and to see myself through his eyes. What he sees is far better than the reflection I'm quick to demean.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Your name has been added to the hat just in time; I'll be drawing soon and posting by midnight (I hope...).


Denise said...

Hi Susan- I didn't see this until this morning...after church I worked the rest of the day and evening...anyway, beautifully put. I see a friend of mine posted

"Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised"
on FB yesterday--so I got the same message twice, and I needed it!

Betsy said...

Your message was amazing and by all means share what I was moved by. I so look forward to your fact I usually open your e-mail first. How's that. There are many times that I forward your thoughts to others especially my sister.
When my son was leaving for college one of my sisters in faith said to me that it's time that you release your son to Gods protection. , and this message from Roy reminded me of that thought that God chose
me to be his Mom and entrusted me to guide him and the most important thing I have given him is his faith.

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Susan! This post had a lot of truths in it for me!! Thank you!! The best part was the Prv.31 scripture. I love that.

Jan Cline said...

Ah, stewardship....that's it. It's a hard lesson for some of us mom's to learn. Especially when we have a wayward child. Letting go is surrendering them to Him where they belong anyway! Great post.