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Dear friends,
I interrupt my summer reruns & hiatus from posting to share with you a brief update on how the conference last weekend went and what's coming up.

On the way to Charlotte, I was delayed an hour in Newark airport. What else is new? (or as Grandma used to say - "So, vat elz iz noo?") Then 20 minutes into the flight, the pilot announced that we were returning to Newark airport because of trouble with the landing gear. So eager was I to get to Charlotte, my first thought was "Why are we turning back? We could crash land in Charlotte as easily as we could crash land in Newark!" Have you ever been so eager to get somewhere or do something that rational thought completely escapes you? Anyway, turn back, we did, and as we approached landing, the flight attendant warned, "Please fasten your seat belts tightly." Tightly? Did she really say "tightly?" Would a tight seatbelt really make a difference in this situation?

We had to deplane (btw-is deplane really a word??) and wait for a new plane. My husband (through texting) wisely suggested I write while I wait. Here's my divine inspiration: "They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength... Obviously, Isaiah never waited in Newark airport." Now, that's good writing!

Once there, I missed my connection to the hotel, but was able to meet up with my new friend, Karen (another woefully delayed sister thanks to Continental Airlines), and we had a beautiful time of fellowship on the way. God can always redeem a mess!

There is much to tell, but I'll just summarize briefly, then share what made the greatest impact on me.

- On the first day, two editors took my book proposal for review. One wants to consider reworking the project for a teen audience. This is very exciting for me since I already had a vision for developing it for teens in the future. Who needs to learn about true identity more than teens? Shortly after this meeting, I was introduced to Shannon, a beautiful young author, who has written 10 books for teen girls, offering me help to tailor my message in the language that teen girls can receive. You can find her at

Then, on the last morning of the conference, I met a friend from last year's conference, and I may have the opportunity to write devotions for a new ministry focused on young women ages 18-29, possibly in conjunction with my 20 year old daughter (who is thrilled about this possibility!) See a pattern developing here? Thank you Lord.
- Then, on the second day, based on a 1 sentence description of my book, an editor said that I need to do more research - there may too much competition on this topic out there. Well, that was all I needed to hear to send my spirits to the basement. I have researched the competition and found very little that speaks the message the way I do, but frankly, it occurred to me how much easier it would be for me to acknowledge that the need is already met and give up writing for publication. I took a step heading down the slippery slope of despair. How quickly the joy of yesterday melted under the disappointment of today.

- Later that evening, Lisa (my dinner table-mate), shared what her book-to-be about. She could have been describing my book word for word, but with a different, excellent format. She seemed so much more confident and wise, younger and more beautiful, and definitely more spiritual than me. Okay, guess I should just hang it up. I'm heading into the empty nest stage, I would love more time to relax and enjoy my time with my husband.

Our speaker that evening was Jennifer Rothschild. If you want a blessing, you can read about her here After hearing her, the only thing I could think of was: It's not about me. It's about Him. Nothing else.

Lisa and I had the most wonderful conversation after the message. She had experienced exactly the same feelings I had! We laughed, we cried, we prayed, we hugged. It's not about either of us! It is about HIM empowering women to know who they are because it's who God says they are and to equip them to live with strength and do what He's called them to do. And whoever writes this book, and publishes it, and gets the message out there is who God wants to. And in the end, we know that each of us will be equally happy if either of our books is published. Because it's not about us. It's about Him and His message.
- Now I have to edit my proposal to reflect what I've just learned, so I can present a better version this weekend in Philadelphia. One thing that I was encouraged to do is to develop a prayer circle. If this work is to go forward, the enemy is sure to come against it. If you would consider being a part of a prayer team with me, please comment or email me. I will keep you posted every 2 weeks (or as needed!).
[and JoEllen - I did get your message but need your email address to respond!]
So ladies, that's it for now! Please keep this weekend (Aug 6-8) in prayer as I attend the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference. I so appreciate all of you!!



Donna said...

Dear Susan,
Thank you for the update! How I love hearing about your experiences! Yes, please include me on your prayer team. I have two prayer partners, with whom I pray regularly, not to mention my own prayer journal that I write in and pray over constantly. You're already in it, of course. But I will join your team. If there is a specific format you want me to follow, let me know how it works.
We've missed your family from church! I'll wait to hear how Philly is going. Looking forward to seeing you the following weekend!

Marlene Rodgers said...

Hi Susan,
I'm "IN", I can be a prayer warrior for you. My best to you for your next meeting. See you at church.

Jean said...

I can pray for you to be in the center of God's will with your writing, Susan.

Keep me posted.

BTW-Which conference did you attend in Charlotte (NC?)?


Chatty Kelly Combs said...

Hi Susan! It was so nice to meet you in Philly. I experienced the same feelings (ups & downs) that you did. It's so easy to think "I quit!" when we get negative feedback. But your attitude is great. It is about God.

I LOVED the line about Isaiah waiting in the airport. My favorite part! LOL!

Keep in touch! So glad to have gotten to spend some time with you.

Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Susan,

I enjoyed meeting you in Philly. I'm so glad you were there.

Hey, I posted some pictures and I've linked to your blog. Stop by to see them.

Looking forward to being bloggie friends!

Sonya Lee

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Susan -

I enjoyed meeting you in Larry Leech's class at Philly. We had a fun time, didn't we?

Great picture at the top of your blog. Congratulations on the exciting time you had in Charlotte.

I'm adding myself to your Follower widget. :)

Susan J. Reinhardt