The Last Update!

So much to say, so little time!
I’m back from my 2 conferences and my special 3 days in between with my family at the Jersey shore. It’s been a whirlwind, but a good one. I learned so much and met so many, that it’s hard to keep it all straight in my brain.
Things I’m grateful for:
- the invitation to be part of the VA posse - Kelly, Sonya and Laurie (girls just need a group, don’t they? And this group welcomed me & was so sweet, funny and encouraging.)
- hearing encouraging words from editors, even the agent who gave excellent constructive criticism that I took to heart, prayed with me & directed me to devotion publishers
- Marlene, the conference director, who spoke to the Father as she spoke to us - He & we were her audience
- faithful men & women of God who are farther along in their journey taking the time and effort to mentor those who are less accomplished. This echoes my desire for ministry (my blog, speaking & writing) - may I be one beggar showing another beggar where the bread is.
I’m so grateful to you all for your prayers, and I have some good news. But you’ll have to keep prayin’! There were 4 publishers who expressed interest in my book. So now I have much work to do. I need to keep writing it (duh!), plus I need to do a lot of followup work and some platform-building work, such as writing devotions and doing more speaking engagements. It’s exciting stuff, but a little terrifying too!
Thank you to those who responded to be part of my prayer circle. Your support means more than I can say. And if anyone else would care to join this prayer circle, please let me know. I’d love to have you come on board.
Resting in: He who began a good work will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil 1:6




Laurie said...

Hey fellow posse member- lol!
Love your update. And, I really enjoyed time with you and the others at the conference.

Kelly Combs said...

More from the posse! LOL! It was so good to be with you. I wish we would have had more sessions together, but I'm glad Kay hooked us up. What a great journey we are all on. The friends is what makes it worthwhile.

GREAT to meet you!

Jean said...

Exciting news, Susan!

Now, get to work!


Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Susan,

We've adopted you as an official VA Posse member - you'll be getting the t-shirt in the mail (joke!)

It was great meeting you and hanging out and sharing. You have a precious heart to reach those who are hurting and God will use you mightily!!! Keep writing and speaking sister!

Sonya Lee

Kristen Myers said...

Susan, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

Sounds like you and I are learning the same lesson of "It's not about me anymore. It's about Him."

Keep standing strong girl. God will do this!!

Maria said...

Dear Susan,
how exciting... of course you are always in my prayers.
I wish you luck in the writing, I am so glad that "4" publishers showed interest in your work. Now time to do a background check on which is the best publisher that has your best interest in mind.
Good luck and keep me updated.

patty@somuchmore said...

Hi Susan,

I enjoyed sharing a meal with you at SheSpeaks and... I loved reading your blog updates today.

Sounds like some exciting things are going on! I look forward to hearing how God continues to work them out in & through you. :- )


Joanne@ Blessed... said...


Oh goodness sakes! I can barely wait to talk with you about your time at She Speaks.

We MUST make a phone date. What does your schedule look like on Thursday?

HUGS! Joanne
P.S. and I want to hear more about the prayer partner position you have available ;O)

Joy said...

What great news, Susan, and what a journey, so far. Praying for you and waiting to hear more. Having worked in the publishing field (soooo many years ago) for Prentice-Hall (now Simon Shuster), I found it to be very exciting--working with editors, printers, book-binders, manuscripts (from when they first came in-house)--. AND, meeting authors was the best!!Great news!!!!!