Mourning to Gladness

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow. Jeremiah 31:13

Well, I wasn't exactly mourning. That's way too strong a word, but I sure was disappointed.

Yesterday at my son’s high school was the final chapel of the series based on my book-to-be. It has been a terrific series, and the finale of this last chapel was a wonderful presentation by the students in the class. As James softly played the piano, one by one each student in the class came on the stage, alternately from the left and right. Each one spoke a different “i am . . .”, read a Bible verse and carried or wore a symbol representing that identity. Fourteen in all portrayed clay, child, bride, soldier, part of the body, instrument, ambassador and so on. To wrap it up, I came up last and shared the final “i am” - “Here I am . . . send me. . .” During my conclusion, I shared the words I had first shared 7 weeks ago:

“I am not who you think I am.
I am not even who I think I am.
I am who God says I am.”

The whole presentation was very moving, and it was videotaped so that we could put it on YouTube and be an encouragement to others (including you!). Well, we thought it was videotaped. You see, in order to be taped, it is necessary to push the “REC” button, and the guy doing the recording did everything but press “REC”.
My heart sank when I heard the news. I tried to be cool about it, but secretly I was so-o-o-o disappointed.
Until later that night.
My son called me over to see something on the computer. He was checking Facebook (what else is new??) and pointed toward the middle of the screen. There amid the many photos and newsy updates was a picture of a girl from his school, and what do I see next to her picture in the “what’s on your mind” box: “I AM NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM. I AM NOT WHO I THINK I AM. I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM.”
Oh, God is so good!
The class wants to re-enact the presentation to properly film it in a few weeks, so hopefully you'll be able to see it. But whether or not that actually takes place is not quite as important to me now. To know that the message reached at least one, hopefully more, was such a blessing. To have this young lady declare it boldy to the world, at least her part of the world, is such a testimony to importance of this message.
Isn't it funny how we can feel so disappointed one minute, then soaring with gladness the next? All because we see God working. Oh, may we remember that He is always working!!



Mari said...

It's so great that she gets it! If she did, I'm sure there are more. I think that's a great phrase - it says so much!

Laurie said...


I thought this chapel series was really excellent. I want to thank you for the role you played in helping the class develop the theme and in giving the initial message. What a great idea to put that visual portrayal online for others to benefit.


Lauren said...

I will look forward to seeing the program. At least everyone had a great rehearsal.

Nicole said...

Awesome sharing Sister, I may very well be writing that next to my name tomorrow on Facebook as well! Got the goose bumps and all, He is always in control and He is able to do much more than we can even think or imagine!!! Amen Sister or what, AMEN!!! Maybe we can go on the road together, lol.

Love ya~ xo

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Ok Susan,

This is such a confirmation that the message on your heart to write and speak about is God's message through you.

Isn't God wonderful? He allowed you to see one of the girl's your words, His words touched that night. But for one...