Answered Prayer

There's an email circling around about a medical missionary in Africa who was traveling in a dangerous area carrying medical supplies and money. Alone, he had camped overnight and arrived safely to his destination, but later he was told that some men from the city had planned to kill him for the drugs and money. When they arrived at his campsight, they fled because they saw 26 guards surrounding him.

While on furlough in Michigan, the missionary related this story to a group of men. One of the men asked him when this event happened. It was discovered that at the very moment the missionary was in danger, some of the men had felt a strong urge to pray for the missionary, and there were exactly 26 men who had prayed!

Stories like that amaze us, but also can seem like they only happen to others. But God is faithful whether we think the matters are of small importance or large.
Years ago, while still a new Christian, I was having severe problems with insomnia. I couldn't fall asleep, and then I couldn't stay asleep. And during the brief sleep I did have, I had terrible nightmares. It began to affect my health. One day, my friend Nancy asked me how have I been sleeping. She had been praying for me. When she asked me the question, I realized that for the past few nights, my sleep had been wonderfully restful. I had hadn't even noticed until she asked! That experience taught me the power and significance of intercessory prayer.
Recently, my daughter had experienced a big disappointment. She was feeling overwhelmed and depressed and couldn't seem to move past it. One day, as she was busy walking back and forth across campus registering for classes, she noticed the weight had just mysteriously lifted. No reason why. No particular thoughts in her mind. Simply freedom from the oppression. She was so joyful as she told me all about it. And she said that she felt that she was being prayed for. When I shared this with my husband, he said that that very afternoon as he was working on the computer, he was praying for her. Tony noticed the picture that Lauren had set as background for my desktop:

This picture of Lauren and me was taken at my brother's wedding when she was their 5 year old flower girl. My husband prayed that she would have the weight lifted off her shoulders - and her heart - and that she would be as free as she was in those days of innocence.

This may not be life and death stuff, but it has been a powerful testimony in our family that God does hear and answer prayer. Nothing is too small for Him to be concerned about nor too big for Him to handle.

"but God has surely listened and heard my voice in prayer.
Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld His love from me!" Ps.66:19-20



Mari said...

I have had this experience also - on both sides, both being prayed for and doing the praying. It's truly humbling and inspiring.

Jean said...

Yes! He truly is only a breath-prayer away. God genuinely cares and He hears our needs and supplies the answers according to His infitie wisdom.

What an indescribable privilege we have to go to Him in prayer.


Maria said...

That was very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.
In the photo is that the dress that you made? ( I don't remember if it was one of yours or Tony'surprise birthday party gatherings at your church)

Lauren said...


Nancy said...

Great word and great reminder to praise the Lord for answers to prayer!

MaryAnn said...

Thanks, Susan! This is the very story I had sent my friend Mary Lou last week. She had come home from the doctor, just learning that she had melanoma and had to have surgery this week. She opened her email and read the story about the 26 guards who were camped around the missionary. She said that that image stayed with her all through her preparations for the surgery, and that she had a powerful image of her prayer warriors as she went into surgery. It is such a testimony to God’s power and I too felt such a stirring of the Holy Spirit as I prayed for her. Please continue to pray as she hears the full results next Tuesday. I’ll let you know. Mary Ann

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Loved this post Susan. What a great story for your daughter to share with her own grandchildren one day. It might be her lesson on intercessory prayer for them.

What a godly legacy you and your husband are laying for your children and generations to come.