Leaves and Light

Oh, how I LOVE autumn. Such a spectacular display of God's design. When driving around, I can get so distracted by the vast array and brilliant colors.
"Autumn is spring where every leaf is a flower."

But oh, how I HATE the leaves all over the ground! Augh! We have an abundance of leaves that cover the ground like a slippery carpet! My son has his work cut out for him :) And the trees are looking so bare now.

Except one tree! There's a tree right next to a streetlight. The bottom and left side of the tree are bare, but the upper right side has lots of leaves left, and many are still green! That's because the streetlight is right there. As long as the leaves are near the light, they are vibrant and alive.

What a beautiful reminder to me to remain near the Light of the world! Jesus is the Light of the world. He makes us vibrant and alive. And yet He said that WE are also the Light of the world! We are not to hide under a bushel, but are to let our light (which is His light in us) shine before all, glorifying our Father. We are to walk in the light, surrounded by His light, radiating His light from within.
"If we walk in the light, as His is in the light, we will have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, will purify us from all sin."
How wonderful when we are bathed in His light. But what about those times when it seems dark or cloudy? Stay tuned for the next post!!

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