A Dream Fulfilled

And He began to say to them, “Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.” Luke 4:21

Jesus said these words to His followers, bringing their attention to the fulfillment of the vision, promise and prophecy of His coming. I share that verse now because yesterday a vision, promise, and prophecy about Lauren's future was fulfilled in your hearing (or reading ;D). 

Yesterday the Greenhouse Arts Center opened its doors to cultivate the dreams of the next generation and encourage these little dreamers to make a difference in their world.

After returning from one her many mission trips several years ago, my daughter Lauren’s passion for dance and the arts began to develop into something more - a vision for a global arts community. Before going to Uganda, she had wondered what she could possibly bring to the people there that would impact their lives in a positive way. Upon her return, she realized that although she provided meals to those in need and helped to build the local Dream Center, it was when she led them in dance that she saw them experience joy. 

She saw a vision for a global community arts center, one where people in comfortable economic situations could support those around the world who wonder where their next meal is coming from. The arts allow people to express and experience their emotions, gifts and talents, and thus a joy that isn’t found in their daily sustenance. 

In the years that followed, she dedicated herself to learning her craft and the business of running a ministry. After graduating with her BA and BFA dance degrees from MSU, she spent a year and a half in Australia at Hillsong College learning and serving in dance ministry. Through the prophecy of leaders, God confirmed her vision revealing more and more layers and details daily. She saw it form in her mind, and yesterday she saw it in person. As did people from all across Harlem. 

So great was the outpouring of families and students to the grand opening of the Greenhouse Arts Center that they ran out of registration forms and had to add an extra class to accommodate the new students. Her staff of teachers and administrators mingled with the families sharing the love of Jesus through smiles and hugs. 

On what she calls her “golden birthday” weekend (turning 27 on the 27th), she saw what is both the fulfillment and the beginning of her dream. Twenty seven years ago, I held in my arms the most beautiful bundle of baby that the world has ever seen. I never imagined how amazing the journey that we’d experience together would be. 

And it just keeps getting better. 


DonnaB said...

The beauty of Lauren Panzica. The beauty of her mom. The beauty of this message! Sniff, sniff. Tears of admiration and joy for Lauren, Susan and your family. I am a friend who is blessed by all of you!

Cathy said...

Congrats to Lauren! What a great dream! What a great accomplishment! I am so proud of you and wish you much love, joy and success In this endeavor that will help make little dreamers believe that dreams do come true! God bless
You! 😃💕

Cathy said...

Congrats to the proud mom too! You wrote about this so eloquently and from your heart! Beautiful!