Let Me Introduce You ~ and Blog Hop

At last week's writers conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn Ross who invited me to participate in my first ever "blog hop." The rules are simple: I have to answer 4 questions and introduce you to 3 blogger friends. Kathryn is a dynamic writer, filled with joy and creativity. Although she is much more artistic - and Victorian - than I am, we were instantly kindred spirits who both write using everyday situations and occurrences to highlight eternal spiritual truths. 

So without further ado, here are the 4 questions:

1 – What am I writing or working on?
Right now, I’m working on various projects including articles and blogposts, but always in the mix is my book about our identity in Christ. At a recent writers conference, I received some great feedback and opportunities so my book project has moved to the forefront after several years of languishing.

2 – How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Like Kathryn and others, I bring an eternal perspective to earthly matters. Much like Jesus used lilies of the field, vines and fruit, sheep and goats, or types of soil, I use everyday observations and experiences highlight the divine in the ordinary, mundane things like frying pans and chipmunks. But I also try to challenge conventional thinking. For example, I don't picture the Bride of Christ as a lovely lady in a frilly gown. I see a tough man who wears camel hair! After all, it was John the Baptist who first to referred to Jesus as the Bridegroom.   

3 – Why do I write what I write?
Short answer – God called me to. I feel compelled to share, much like Paul who said, For I pass on to you what I received from the Lord...”   I’m relatively new to writing. Though I have been a speaker for many years, the concept for my book nudged me into new territory, and I find I’m loving it! My heart is to be an encourager, and writing gives me increasing opportunities to do that. 

4 – How does my writing process work?

With my work schedule (3  l-o-n-g  days a week), I dedicate my Tuesdays to writing, working on several projects including articles and blogposts, along with the book proposal and edits. Despite advice from accomplished writers to write at least a little every morning, I am just not a morning person and have no creativity at that time. Setting aside a block of time works better for me. As for the process itself, I keep a notebook by my bedside, in my handbag, in my car, and a note app on my phone, so whenever a thought or idea pops into my brain, I write it down. These become great fodder for illustrations or talking points in any piece of writing. 

Now to introduce my fellow bloggers. Please stop by and visit their blogs. All are great writers, and I'm thrilled to say that all three are dear friends! 

Elise Daly Parker writes at Our Stories, God's Glory. She's also the Executive Editor and co-founder of Circles of Faith, where I am a contributing writer. She is absolutely certain that we all have amazing God stories of transformation and redemption and is committed to helping people share their stories. She believes stories have power to enlighten and inform. Elise is a professional writer/editor for 30 years, a college essay coach, and a speaker and Mentor Mom for MOPS. 

Kimberly Amici, is the other co- founder of Circles of Faith, and its Managing Editor. She writes about life with children at her blog, Living In The Sweet Spot. Kimberly is a gifted designer and artist, known for her creativity, strong faith, and commitment to living life with purpose and passion. Kimberly is a writer and community builder whose desire is for hearts to be healed, minds to be renewed and women to be connected in fellowship just as God intended.

Ann Van Hine is a friend for over 30 years, but we recently reconnected thanks to our new love for writing. Ann's passion is "telling the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of our Lord and Savior." Ann is a widow of 9/11 firefighter Bruce, a volunteer docent at the 9/11 Tribute Center Memorial in NYC, head of children's ministries for the NY District of the Nazarene Church, and a speaker across the US and the world. Ann blogs at Random Ramblings

So there you have it! Three more wonderful women to connect with thanks to modern technology! I hope you enjoy their writing as much as I do. 

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