Holding Hands

All day long, my husband the chiropractor, plays Simon Says with his patients. As they lie face down on the table, he’ll instruct them, “Put your left hand behind your lower back.” “Raise your right hand above your head.” And so on. Each of these tests indicates specific vertebrae in need of adjusting. 

When Jes was on the table, her little Eli sat nearby in his stroller. As she raised her hand above her head, Eli reached out to grab it. So precious!

And so telling of how we must respond when our Savior extends His hand to us.

To read how to walk hand in hand with God, click over to Laced With Grace

Can you feel the love? 

ps - as you read this, I'm in Italy with the family celebrating our kids' college graduations. How fast the time goes! Would you keep us in prayer? And check my facebook page for pictures!! 

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