Baby it's cold outside! Or is it???

Photo by Jan Lucas

The other day, several patients entered our office declaring, "It's so warm outside!" It was a sunny 34o. After several overcast days of single digit temperatures, it seemed downright balmy.

But the same 34o in August would be frigid.

This thing is – 34 degrees is 34 degrees.


If it's been cold, 34o feels like a heat wave, but if it's been warm, 34o feels chilly.

It only seems to be cold or warm because of our feelings. The temperature is what it is, but we respond to it differently based upon how we feel at any given moment.

And our feelings are subjective. They are influenced by people around us, circumstances that we can or cannot control, health or hormones, the slow driver in front of us, the pants that no longer zipper up, the song that reminds us of something we want to forget.

How we feel about something doesn’t necessarily reveal the truth of a matter.

Today I'm over at Laced With Grace with some thoughts on feelings vs. truth. Join me in the conversation there.


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Jeanette Levellie said...

That is so true, Susan. I notice that when the sun is shining, no matter how cold it is, it feels warmer. Those rays really give us a lift!

I am having a drawing on my blog this month; I'd love you to enter!

Happy Valentine's Day,