End Injustice!!

It's a sad fact that human trafficking - aka modern day slavery - exists. It exists around the world. And it exists in the United States. And it increases with large sporting events such as the Super Bowl.

With the Super Bowl coming to our backyard here in NJ, we at Justice Network and the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking are stepping up our efforts to create awareness leading to reducing the effectiveness of traffickers.

One effort is the #HTchallenge, a social media campaign that you can help with from the privacy of your home, your laptop, your smartphone. It's as simple as sharing the issue with people in your network of friends, family, followers.

If you believe that it is wrong to buy or sell people, then you need to share this message. 

You don't need to be an Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, or Rosa Parks, you just need to click and share on YOUR social media.

1. Sign up for Thunderclap. By joining Thunderclap, your single message will post/tweet simultaneously with hundreds, hopefully thousands, of others during the halftime show of Super Bowl, creating a blast that will be heard above the noise of the game. It's so easy, just:

Click here. Then click on the TWITTER, FACEBOOK, TUMBLR buttons (1, 2, or all 3) to share the message with your social media. Done!! 

2. Share images and posts/tweets about the #HTchallenge :

Go to www.htchallenge.net. Check out the Resources and Game Plan pages in particular. You'll find everything you need to share compelling facts, stats, quotes, images on your Facebook or Twitter feeds. Just be sure to type in #HTchallenge and/or #HalftimeChallenge with each tweet or status update!!

3. Take the challenge to turn off the halftime show for 5-10 minutes and share about the realities of human trafficking. Here are specific talking points.You don't need to be an expert. You just need to care about the issue.

Today we celebrate the memory of Martin Luther King who dedicated his life to eliminating injustice. Let's honor that memory by continuing the work against injustice!


quietspirit said...

Susan: I have shared this message on Twitter and Face book. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

Susan Panzica said...

Thank you Celia!!! If each one reaches one, we'll be well on our way to ending this abomination!

Jennifer Dougan said...


Thank you for fighting sex trafficking too! I'm so glad to hear of others battling this too.

I'll look into your links here. Thanks.

It's nice to be back here again, Susan.

Jennifer Dougan