Somebody's Daughter

My heart pounded me awake. The screaming in my ears was my own. As my eyes adjusted to the 3 am darkness, it dawned on me that it was just a dream. For me, it was a dream but for others it's a living nightmare.

In my dream, my daughter, who is studying in Australia, was abducted and sold into slavery. I remember every agonizing detail of the dream, where she was, how they grabbed her, the dread in her eyes, the terror in my heart, and  my panic that it would take me 24 hours just to travel there and by then she'd have disappeared into the abyss.

With my husband still peacefully asleep, I grabbed my phone & texted my daughter to make sure she was ok. And she was. The flood of relief that it wasn't my daughter in the nightmare came with an immediate awareness that though not mine, it was somebody's daughter.


Please click on over to my friend Tanya Dennis' blog to continue reading the story. It's a story that began with a dream and is growing into a new ministry.

Yesterday, Independence Day, was all about celebrating freedom. Today I'm posting is about those who are denied freedom. There are more slaves in the world today than there were during the Civil War, in fact more than at any time in history.

God started moving me to do something about it. In a week's time, my group of two increased to nine. We are meeting on Tues, July 9, 2013 to answer the question "How can we make a difference from here?" What can we do? A lot, it turns out. If you'd like more information, please leave a comment on the post or reply via email.


Kimberly said...

I look forward to hearing more about what your guys are doing. And of course we look forward to getting the word out at Circles of Faith.

Elise Parker said...

Thanks Susan for stepping out in faith and shining the light on the terrible darkness. We are standing with you. Blessings!

LoRae said...

A couple of our missionary books addressed this problem and what the church is doing around the world to stop the abductions. There was one chapter that on the death of both parents, an uncle sold his own niece for just a few hundred dollars. She was 12 years old. It is so sad.

I'm not able to attend your meeting, but if I lived closer I'd be there. Bill & I will be praying for you before, during & after.


Sandi said...

You scared the heck out of me for a minute! I'm glad she's OK and that you're at peace Susan. Man how our imaginations can get the best of us. Just said a few prayers for her safety....



Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

Elise - Thanks for your prayers!

LoRae - The problem is astounding and growing, in the USA as well as overseas. I'm compelled to help in whatever way I can as the Lord leads. Many thanks for your prayers.

Sandi - You can't imagine how scared I was!! It took a while for my heartbeat to regulate. But the tragedy is that it happens all the time. I just read today about orphans in Russia who age out of the orphanage at 15 or 16 and have nowhere to go so they're led into this. Every day I'm learning more, and that's why I'm compelled to do something as the Lord is leading.