And we have a winner!

Thanks so much for the entries to win the $25 Amazon gift card! I LOVE connecting with you, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your wedding stories from the hysterical (getting left at the reception with no ride home!) to the misty-eyed (a 9/11 firefighter's daughter wore his ring in her bridal bouquet to have him walk her down the aisle). I'm so grateful and with permission may share some of the stories with you.

The sad part is that there can only be one winner. I mean with all sincerity that each of you are winners to me!! My receptionist, Stef, picked the winning ticket, and it's --- drum roll please! --- Shannon Romein! Congratulations to Shannon ~ and blessings to all of you who entered as well as those who didn't!


Maude Carolan Pych said...

Congratulations Shannon, and God bless you!

Karen Lange said...

Congrats, Shannon! :)

Happy weekend, everyone!

quietspirit said...

Congratulations, Shannon.

Happy Mother's Day to Shannon and to Susan.

KAMHC BLOG said...

Congrats, Shannon!!! Hot Dog!!!