Why Is Red The Color Of Christmas?

I confess - my least favorite color is red. 

Years ago, a friend gave me a gift - maroon/reddish sweater. I finally wore it to be nice. That day, everyone asked me if I was sick. "You're a little flushed today, are you ok?" "You look pale today. How are you feeling?" Flushed? Pale? In the same day? Nope, I feel fine - it's just the sweater. 

My husband and I were shopping for cars a few years after that. The only car left in the model we wanted was maroon/red. It had all the features. The price was right. But I just couldn't be surrounded by that color, looking sick everywhere I drove. We didn't buy the car. 

At Christmas, I tend to decorate in shades of gold, white, and silver adding sprinkles of colors here and there. At Christmas, I tolerate red. Barely. 

But today, I embrace RED. I'm grateful for its presence throughout the history of humanity. Watch this video and I think you'll agree. Red is THE color of Christmas, the color of salvation, the color of life! 


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Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh,I love this, Susan. I never realized that verse was a Christmas Scripture! How awesome.

Have a blessed Jesus' Birthday, dear friend,