Tell Me About Yourself

Thanks Jeanette Levellie for sharing this award with me. Jeanette is a gifted writer whose humor devotional book is coming out in April 2012. Look for "Mirth and Worth in the Real Lane" for a certain blessing.

Here's the rules of the award - I need to share 7 things about me, and then pass this award along to 5 other bloggers who will do the same, and so on and so on   ;D

Jeanette's challenge is to share the "messy" and not just "cutesy little tidbits."

So here goes:

1. I don't drink coffee. Gasp! Yes, most unusual I know. Especially since my blog header shows two lovely ladies enjoying their coffee at a place called Eternity Cafe. I do love coffee dates with friends, but I just enjoy some other beverage while I enjoy their company.

2. I may not look it, but I am the pickiest eater alive. For example, I order a Greek salad without cucumbers, onions, or olives. And I can do without the anchovies and peppers, but I am willing to pick those out, whereas the cukes, etc. leave their taste on the lettuce. My mom says I place my food order in a restaurant like this scene in When Harry Met Sally:

3. I am a procrastinating perfectionist. Mostly procrastinating. I found I can live with clutter or unfinished  projects if I keep the future perfection firmly in my mind. And yet I'm conflicted about this. Hmmm, I might be slightly schizophrenic too. 

4. My favorite ice cream is Haagen-Dazs. I don't eat any other brand of ice cream (see #2), so I buy other brands for my family to enjoy and then I'm not tempted! I don't like anything frozen in my ice cream such as nuts or chips. Must be smooth, and my favorite ice cream flavor is - coffee. Very weird since I don't drink coffee (#1).

5. I'm beginning to think schizophrenic people are very interesting.

6. I am a reformed disco dancer. Now a big fan of classic rock - especially my husband's Solid Rock Band.

7. I love football. Especially the NY Giants! But I'll root for the Jets too. I like the baseball Mets, but I'll root for the Yankees too. Some (like my son) find this impossible to do. It's either one or the other. But I guess it's easy for schizophrenics like me.

8. I would much rather hear about you than talk about me. 
So - would you share with me an interesting tidbit about yourself? I want to know more about you, what you like or dislike, something funny or not. What makes you tick? 

And I'm passing this award on to these 5 excellent bloggers: 



Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Susan -

Thanks for the award!

Haagen-Daz is yummy, but it doesn't like my tummy. (Okay, I heard that collective groan!)

See you tomorrow.


Eileen Astels Watson said...

Thanks for the award, Susan! Now I have two to do in the near future.

You seriously are a picky eater! The more the merrier in my salads.

My hubby would love you, I'm not a fan of any sports, and he's a huge football fan.

Robin Prater said...

Susan, thanks so much! What a fun award to receive!

Hmm, now I must reveal some things about myself. lol I love this. Just love when people share of themselves. It brings us all together and lets everyone know they aren't alone and we all have quirky things about us!

Blessings to you. I too am a bit picky about what's in my salads:)

Love and hugs

Marja Meijers said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Susan and congrats on the award (it's traveling fast in blogging world).

lynnmosher said...

Thank you, sweet Susan, for the award. I so appreciate your generosity. Bless you!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Thanks, lovely friend, for this shout out on my book--I so appreciate you!

I don't think you are schitzo--you are human, and not afraid to say so. That makes us love you more than we did yesterday!

LOVE the not a coffee drinker but fave flavor of ice cream dichotomy!

Here's a tidbit I've never told about myself: I have a small fence around my cat litter box in the bathroom. I weave silk flowers around the pickets, to give a "secret garden" feel. Takes away the nastiness of the litter box, and gives the kitties a bit of privacy. Of course, I never dust the flowers, so have to replace them every five years or so...

quietspirit said...

I am caffeine senstive-so I don't drink coffee, real tea or cola beverages. No brown chocolate, either. But I do really like the white chocolate.

Maude said...

Interesting. The movie clip was funny, and the part about the smooth ice cream, coffee flavored when you don’t drink coffee, made me chuckle.

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

Thank you for thinking of me with the award! You are so precious.

I only post twice weekly and need to keep it focused on my ministry right now. But I could answer a few now:
1. I need to stay busy, or I just want to sleep the day away. (lazy!)
2. I love being outside - but summer is my least favorite season. I prefer cooler to cold temps.
3. I love to have one pepsi a day.
4. Coffee is only good if I'm drinking it with a friend.
5. I wish I had brown hair instead of blond.
6. I want to work as an editor one day.
7. I love pets, but don't like the responsibility of owning them.

Have a great day!

Maude said...

Interesting. The movie clip was funny, and the part about the smooth ice cream, coffee flavored when you don’t drink coffee, made me chuckle.

LittleMissScooter said...

Susan, this made me chuckle! Like Jeanette said, there is such a dichotomy between your picky eating, your distaste for coffee and your apparent and mysterious affinity for coffee flavored ice cream. I don't drink coffee either and when I finally had some after about 2 years I was inherently insomniac...for an entire...week.