I'm baaaaack ;)

After nearly a month-long unintentional blogging hiatus, I'm back.
No excuses, well at least no valid excuses.
Life's been busy. But when isn't it?
Is it the writer's block or the distractions that's the culprit? Likely a combination of both.
But I finally followed some sage, if not eloquent, advice:
Just Do It [thanks, Nike]
- BIC [Butt In Chair, famous writer advice]
- Just Say No [to distractions]

Now I've got a few in the cue, some new posts coming your way.
After that, look for the continuation of my series of "little i am's," based on my work-in-progress book. These are "people posts," stories of people who exemplify the names that God labels us. Last fall, I shared with you “i am a Shepherd”, “i am a Servant,” and “i am an Ambassador.” I’m excited to share at least 6, maybe more in the weeks to come.


Mari said...

Welcome back!

Karen Lange said...

Good to see you back! :)

quietspirit said...

I missed you. Glad you are all right.

Jan Cline said...

Funny we both decided to come back at the same time. We can do it!