Black Friday

The term “Black Friday” screams from the TV, newspapers, radio and online. The day after Thanksgiving begins the unofficial “holiday shopping season”, the time of year when retailers move from operating “in the red” (at a loss) to operating “in the black” (making a profit). Stores open at 4 or 5 or 6 a.m. offering crazy low prices to lure customers in, hoping that they will in turn spend tons of money for gifts.

I can’t help but think of another “Black Friday”, a day when the greatest price was paid for the greatest gift ever given. 2000 years ago, an innocent man gave His life so that others might live. Jesus, God the Son, left His heavenly home, to be born into an ordinary family and live an ordinary life in an ordinary town, until He began His extra-ordinary ministry on earth. For 3 years, He healed the hurting, taught those who would listen, and preached the truth to all. The conclusion of His time on earth was paying the price for the sins of the entire world, past, present and future, and providing the gift of eternal life to any who receive it.

Now that Thanksgiving Day is over, let’s continue to live with thanksgiving in our hearts.

Thank you Lord for paying the debt we owe. Thank you for rising from the dead in victory, giving us the opportunity to live in victory. May we keep you as our focus in the days and weeks to come, and be ever ready to share the real reason for the season.


Keiki Hendrix said...

Susan - an awesome post. Great perspective. Thinking of that 'Black Friday' sure puts things in perspective for me.

quietspirit said...

You have some outstanding thoughts here.
Enjoy your weekend.

Clare said...

Thanks Susan, what a great reminder of the price He paid.

Lauren said...

good analogy :)