Touched By An Angel

... some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2

Last night, we celebrated the birthday of our dear friend, Mark. Friends and family gathered together with lots of food, music, and laughter as we shared memories of the funny and poignant times spent with Mark.

For years, my daughter and her friends honestly believed that Mark was an angel. Many other children believed that as well. It was easy to believe. In fact, I believe it myself :)

Mark was and is a prayer warrior. Years ago, before one of my first speaking engagements, I was terrified. Put me in a circle of friends, and I can jabber all day. But standing in front of people is another story. You've heard that public speaking is the #1 fear in this country, right? It's a studied fact. The #2 fear in this country is death. That means that at a funeral the average person would rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy! Ok, that last sentence was borrowed from Jerry Seinfeld, but it's true, isn't it! I still get butterflies when I have to speak, but I've learned that the fear keeps me on my knees and not relying in my own strength which is a good thing. But anyway.... Here I was, knees buckling, stomach churning, reviewing my notes endlessly. And Mark called to let me know he was praying for me. I hadn't asked him to pray. He just knew the need, and his call letting me know that he was praying could not have been more welcome. Here was this man of God praying for a women's event!

There's so much more I could say about this faithful servant and friend, but let me ask you: do you have a Mark in your life? If you are as blessed as my friends and I, please be sure to thank your angel. And share a comment of how that special person has blessed your life.


Lauren said...

you should have said this at the party!!!!! my angel is YOU btw :)

Steve said...

Mine is named Kevin, my #3 son!! Have used this verse to describe him many times as vital part of our story.

Great note!! GB, Steve

Maria said...

That was very sweet. Mark sounds like a very caring person.

You always seem so confident when you speak in front of an audience. No one would ever suspect that you were nervous at all. I once had to speak in front of a medium size group in Peekskill NY and my whole body wouldn't stop shaking. How embarassing.That was the only time but it was so unnerving.May I ask for a special parayer request?

My friend has gone through cancer reoccuring twice recently and now her levels are elevated again for the third time. Her tumors are growing back. She hopes to be on one of the trials at Sloan Kettering soon. Any extra prayers will be appreciated.

Marja said...

Great post Susan, thanks!

Patti Hanan said...

Dear Susan, I checked out your blog because of your post on Heading Home. Your blog is beautiful. I am adding your site to my blog honor roll. Check it out at
God bless you.

Rhonda Schrock said...

My "Titus 2" friend would be one. When I was a young mom, she poured hours and hours into me, teaching me how it looked to walk with Christ and how to mother boys.

God has been faithful to send other women into my life, too. They encourage me. One of them has "adopted" me and my five men. When she comes to spend the day cooking and baking, there is rejoicing among the troops and a sophisticated pantry raid after she's gone.

quietspirit said...

I have a couple that I know of.
One is a dear friend whom I met at a church 25 years ago. I was having a major problem in my life and she and her husband have always listened and prayed for me. I respond by praying for them and their family.
The other one is a friend whom I was acquainted with in high school. When my son was in early grade school, she watched him during the time between my husband had to go to work and I returned home from my job.
I looked for a church in 1985, I knew where she went. It was located half-way between our two streets. We became closer as time went on. We chose to leave that church about the same time. We visited one for a few months. We settled in at the church my other best friend (spoken of in the first paragraph) and her family had chosen to attend.
Both these ladies have prayed for me and with me for many needs. This summer has been especially hard for each of us.