Mission Trip - Haitian Style

As most of you know, my 2 children have been on mission trips this month with Touch The World. AJ arrived back from Eleuthera, Bahamas safe and sound, and has promised to write a blogpost about his trip, but first he’s busy catching up with friends :) Lauren returned from Uganda last night. More on their trips later.


Last Saturday, the TTW Haiti team bunked over at our place. After arriving at JFK, they stayed with us until their closing rally on Sunday. What a joy! As they shared their stories, we laughed, cried and vicariously experienced their last 3 weeks.

So many things I want to share, but I'll settle for two:

1- Symphony of Prayer
When we bowed our heads in prayer, I was greatly moved. Rather than hearing one person to pray aloud, each person simultaneously prayed aloud. This is how the Haitians pray, and the team adopted this manner of prayer. As they prayed, I thought - this is what God hears all the time on a much greater scale! The cacophony of voices brought to mind John's description of the prayers of the all the saints ascending to heaven like incense (Rev. 8:3-4). I heard all the prayers, but not a single word could I discern. Yet God has no problem hearing multitudes of voices across the entire earth and identifying each of His children in a personal way.

God, come close. Come quickly!
Open your ears—it's my voice you're hearing!
Treat my prayer as sweet incense rising... Ps.141:1-2 MSG


2- What is permanent?
One of the team's tasks in Haiti was to build the platform from which they presented VBS, dramas and puppet shows. However, the wood supplied for the task could not be cut. At the conclusion of VBS, they had to disassemble the platform and use the wood to make bunk beds, benches and tables for the Haitian children.
As they shared this story with me, we discussed what was really permanent. The team shared the gospel from the sturdy wooden platform they built. The wood then was reconstructed into furniture for the Haitian people which would remain with them. But, eventually time, use, neglect, weather will take their toll on these items. What will really endure forever are the words that were shared, the everlasting truths of God, and the love that was poured into the hearts of these people who have lost so much, yet have gained eternity.  

The grass withers and the flower drops off, But the Word of the Lord (divine instruction, the Gospel) endures forever. And this Word is the good news which was preached to you. 1 Pet. 24b-25 Amp

Thank you, Haiti team, for sharing with us your stories, your humor and your sweet spirit. And thank you, Lord, for using these young people in such mighty ways.


Valerie said...

Praise the Lord Susan

Welcome Home AJ, Lauren, and the Touch The World Team. Thank YOU Abba Jesus & Holy Spirit for Traveling Mercies. Hallelujah Amen!!!

Nancy said...

what a blessing Susan, thank you for sharing this, it made me smile, especially seeing all those little kids from Haiti, keep doing what your doing, its bearing fruit, me

Marja said...

Thanks for sharing Susan, really inspiring and interesting!!

Anonymous said...

we are so happy the teams and Lauren and AJ are home safely! The Haitian way of praying is really interesting, I never knew that, your thoughts on that are so cool Susan!
Love, Dawn

Karen Lange said...

What blessings and memories to treasure! I imagine these experiences will produce fruit throughout your lives. Thanks for sharing!

Betsy said...

I loved this post ad forwarded to members of the first team that joined me

quietspirit said...

I know it was a privilege to have the group at your home. I also know the blessing you received when you heard the symphony of prayer.

Blessings on you and your family.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Susan -

I'm sure each young person found the trip life changing. Thank you for sharing some of the highlights.

Susan :)