Help Wanted

When job-hunting, it is always important to research the long and short-term benefits: health and life insurance, retirement plan, vacation, stock ownership. Working for the King of Kings is no exception. What might a Help Wanted ad for a servant in God’s kingdom look like?

  • Lifetime, full time position (part time is not an option) available to anyone who applies. No prior experience or skills necessary. Training period offered for all candidates includes working alongside the Employer who takes an individual interest in each of His subjects. Each employee must get to know the Employer personally. The retirement and insurance plans provide coverage for eternity. There are no vacation days, no monetary salary, and no guarantee against hardship or adversity, but endless comfort is available from the Employer and is to be shared with others. Opportunity for advancement: Being faithful in a few things will result in being put in charge of many things and sharing the Employer’s happiness. Ownership sharing plan bestows a royal inheritance as a joint heir with the Employer.

Forget not all His benefits (Ps. 103:2)

Need a new job? Care to apply?

ps - This is a snippet from my chapter titled "i am a servant."


Karen Lange said...

This is wonderful! I love Psalm 103:)

Been meaning to drop you a note to tell you that the book arrived the other day. It looks great and I can't wait to get started reading it. You are a sweet friend. Thank you so much; it is a blessing!
Have a wonderful weekend,

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Wow! Now that's an Awesome employer!!!

Maria said...

Very well written.

covnitkepr1 said...

I see where I am a follower of yours and made comments on your blog, but was rude and never invited you to follow me as well. For that I appoligize.
Thanks for the visit and comment. God bless you richly and often.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Susan -

Great post! Since I'm looking for a job right now, it holds special significance. :)


Kelly Combs said...

This is a job that I think I'd like! And the benefits are GREAT!

quietspirit said...

Good thoughts. We don't always realize the many good benefits we receive when we begin working for God.