Do As The Shepherds Do...

The shepherds were tending to their flocks...

The shepherds were doing their business, tending to their flocks. They were feeding the sheep, taking them to graze, buying their food, shearing them, keeping them safe, doing many the same things that we do to take care of our flocks.

Right now, you are probably buying food for your family’s daily needs as well as the holiday dinners and parties you’ll be hosting or attending, buying gifts, cleaning and decorating your home, going to work and taking care of business there.

The shepherds were interrupted from their daily routine by a heavenly chorus. Hearing the good news proclaimed from the angels led them to leave their chores and go and worship the King.

So the question is:

What are you tending to?

Are you willing to set it aside to worship the King?

Lord, May we cease our busyness and be about Your business. May we sense Your presence and set aside any activity, even the "godly" ones,  that keeps us from You. Feel free to interrupt us, so that we can worship You. May we be filled with the joy of Your coming, and may we release the stress that depletes us.



Diane said...

How is it you always seem to blog about “things” I’m feeling convicted about???

Oh – I simply love my new platter….thanks so much Susan!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With love,


Karen Lange said...

Good question! I need to stop and consider this more often. In 2010, I aim to be more mindful of and purposeful about this. Thanks for making me think! Blessings:)