O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

For some, decorating the Christmas tree is hard labor. For me, it is a labor of love. A task that I usually do alone. My kids have helped occasionally, but they just aren’t that interested in adorning the tree. For me, it is a stroll down memory lane.

My tree and I have a beautiful relationship. As a Jewish believer, the tree is a blessed part of my new Christian heritage. Since I never had a tree, and therefore, no decorations, I held a trim-a-tree party 29 years ago, my 2nd Christmas as a Christian. I still hang all the ornaments from that first year remembering each of my sweet friends who have meant and still mean so much to me. 

Over the years, with every vacation, I bought an ornament that reminds me of those travels. I have received exquisite ornaments as gifts from family, friends, Sunday school students. Each one holds special memories.

Every year, I buy an ornament for each of my children that reflects what is important to them at that time of their lives. The children have made some adorable ornaments and have received some from other family members. They all have a special place on the tree, and when my kids have their own home, they will have a beautiful headstart on their first tree.

Some look at the Christmas tree as a heathen invasion into what should be a holy experience. I can understand that. It is all too easy to incorporate worldly customs in Christian traditions. And the Christmas tree does have its origin in pagan roots. The very idea of cutting down a healthy tree, bringing it inside and adorning it really is rather bizarre when you think about it. But I didn’t invent the idea. I am redeeming it.

My tree bears ornaments that are reminders of Jesus and the gifts that He’s given us. I have angels, shepherds, wise men and a crown of thorns. I have keepsakes of times gone by, tokens of love, remembrances of family and friends. I have started labeling the ornaments so that the memories don’t fade with time.

Others have their scrapbooks, I have my Christmas tree.

All too soon, Christmas will be over, and the ornaments will be packed away for another year. So let’s cherish the time spent with these memories accumulated over the years.

Do you have a particular keepsake or tradition that makes the Christmas experience special for you and your family?

Lord, I thank You for my family and the friends who have made my life so rich.



Eileen Astels Watson said...

We pick up ornaments during each vacation too. I decorate our artificial tree alone usually, but we go as a family to cut down a real Christmas tree and we decorate it together with all the ornaments we've gathered and made through the years as a family.

Maria said...

I remember that trim a tree party so many years ago. It was fun and I still have some of the ornaments you gave me over the years.

Nancy said...

Amen to that Susan, I have had the same experience with my tree and you are one of my treasured memories from way back there, love you, Nancy