The Most Anti-Climactic Day of the Year

Okay, here it is… Dec. 26th.

The most anti-climactic day of the year.

Discarded wrapping paper, boxes, assembly instructions, gift envelopes stuff bulging trash bags.

Abandoned toys, games, dolls sit askew under the tree and around the house.

Leftovers cram the refrigerator.

The frenetic pace has halted.

All of the energy that has been building for days, weeks, months has dissipated.

Carbon dioxide fills the homes as people everywhere release collective sighs of relief.

And --

Oh joy, it’s my birthday!

But I’m not bitter…

It’s not that my family doesn’t make an effort to make my day special. They do. But I don’t even feel like making it special either!

One year, my husband threw me a surprise birthday party on June 26th, my half-birthday.  That was a surprise, all right! And so for a couple of years we celebrated my birthday in June, but it began to get a little confusing. And my mom actually revolted, remembering the frigid cold day that she gave birth to her firstborn was not in June. So back to December we went!

All my life, even as a youngster when we didn’t celebrate Christmas in our Jewish home, I felt the letdown that is December 26th.

Today, I googled “December 26”. All I found was this “Drunk Santa mousepad” and many images of the 2004 tsunami, one of the worst catastrophes in history. Could we get more depressing?

Honestly, no one wants to do anything on this date! I should be writing a wonderful post recapping the 40 Day Focus. I have so much to be thankful for. But let’s face it. You don’t want to read it anyway!

At least not today…

Maybe tomorrow.

Lord, honestly I do thank You for my birthday, and for my spiritual birthday when I was born again into Your family. I thank You for being my heavenly Father, and for all those who have made my life so rich. I thank You for Your abundant grace towards me. May I serve You fully this coming year in everything You place in my path. May I be obedient to Your call.



Edie said...

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Rich Blessings for 2010!

Now I would also like to wish you a very Happy Birthday. You are the unique and beautiful woman God made you to be and He has not overlooked your birthday even once in your life. I pray special blessings on your special day this year. Shalom dear one. His Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry mom we are going to have a very special day today! I will take care of everything. I LOVE YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday Susan - it's a special day because God gave you to the world!

quietspirit said...

God made each of us special. He even made our birthdays special. Other than facing getting older, it was a special day for you.

Happy Belated Birthday.

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Happy Birthday Susan! I just stopped by to catch up on my 40 day focus.

You Did It! I am so proud of you. Now, hmmmm, maybe you should take a lil' breather and enjoy the victory.

He loves you! And so do I!

Happy New Year friend!