Do You See What I See?


It's funny how two people can look at the same image
and see two different things.
But once it's pointed out to you,
you can see both!

Today, I'm having a little fun with the popular Christmas carol:
Do You See What I See?

Do you see what I see?

Some see: sweet little baby Jesus
I see: the Savior of the universe, Creator God, who reduced Himself to a single cell embedded in the womb of a humble virgin, that He might become as one of His subjects to live like them, to die for them, to rise again providing victory for them.

Some see: plastic figurines of nativity characters
I see: depictions of real men and a woman who lived 2000 years ago and were used by God in the incarnation of God the Son. Unlikely people who were led to participate in the event that changed the course of human history.

Some see: twinkling lights adorning houses, trees, windows
I see: images of the Light of the world, eliminating darkness bulb by precious bulb

Some see: jolly old Santa’s
I see: a portrayal of Bishop Nicholas of Myra, a godly man with a reputation for secret gift-giving to the poor, who worshiped Jesus with all his heart

Some see: paper wrapped gifts under the tree
I see: demonstrations of love for family and friends representing the Gift that came wrapped in swaddling clothes

Do you hear what I hear?

Some hear: unlikely singers belting out holiday tunes
I hear: God’s word embedded in Christmas carols. His Word does not return void. Those unlikely singers are proclaiming the good news!

Some hear: well-wishers sharing “holiday greetings”
I hear: more opportunities to share the gospel “It is God's responsibility to make people receptive; it is our responsibility to sow the seed.” Rick Warren

Do you know what I know?

Some know: that Jesus was a great teacher
Some know: he was a liar, heretic or lunatic
Some know: all about Him with knowing Him personally
I know: that Jesus is the foretold Messiah, the Savior of the world, who left His home in heaven to live a sinless life dwelling in and among His people and ultimately paying the price for their sins and mine.
I know: that my life has meaning and purpose that I never knew before
I know: that I have peace that is beyond understanding
I know: that someday, in His timing, I will go to heaven and be with Him
I know: that you can know what I know


Do You See What I See
Said the night wind to the little lamb,

"Do you see what I see?
Way up in the sky, little lamb,
Do you see what I see?
A star, a star, dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite,
With a tail as big as a kite."

Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy,
"Do you hear what I hear?
Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy,
Do you hear what I hear?
A song, a song high above the trees
With a voice as big as the sea,
With a voice as big as the sea."

Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king,
"Do you know what I know?
In your palace warm, mighty king,
Do you know what I know?
A Child, a Child shivers in the cold--
Let us bring him silver and gold,
Let us bring him silver and gold."

Said the king to the people everywhere,
"Listen to what I say!
Pray for peace, people, everywhere,
Listen to what I say!
The Child, the Child sleeping in the night
He will bring us goodness and light,
He will bring us goodness and light."

Dear Lord,
May we see what You see.
May we hear what You say.
May we know what You share with us.

Do you see an old woman or a young one?


Ann said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your daily posts. "Do you see what I see" is one of my favorite Christmas carols - thanks for putting into words what I have felt whenever I hear that song. Blessings on your Christmas season.


quietspirit said...

You have some good thoughts here. These make me think. I like that.

Edie said...

This is my favorite Christmas carol, alongside Mary Did You Know.

Love the way you used it to point out different perspectives.

Have a wonderful Christmas my friend!

LisaShaw said...

I enjoyed this message. May we SEE JESUS. Blessings!