Rejection Correction!

I am just technically challenged, no two ways about it. It's really a wonder that I can do this blog at all!

In my last post about rejection, I had cut and pasted a Scripture verse [Ps. 94:14] into the post. Unfortunately, it split in two with 1/2 above and 1/2 below my other verse [Prov. 3:5-6]. I have no idea how this happened, but when it did, I lost the link to the Proverbs 31 devo about rejection. So ......

First of all, here's the correct link to the devotion
(written by Lysa TerKeurst, President of Proverbs 31 Ministries):

And while I'm here at the keyboard, I can't resist adding some additional nuggets :)
I have already heard from some of you what a timely topic this was for you, too. From job loss to family issues to friendship hardships, it's been just tough all around. Some of us are feeling the sting of recent rejection, and some of us are still trying to deal with past rejection, trying to make sense of it, to overcome it, to let the pain of it subside.  Emotions may have been buried, but never confronted, and so they fester only to erupt later.

I want to share with you part of a comment that was left anonymously on the P31 devotion:
"Disappointment is a part of life. Not a pleasant part, but one that affords the opportunity to wallow in self pity like the spoiled brat OR be redirected, realigned, brought into right relationship. Like the merging lane to enter the freeway, disappointment will end and we'll be on our way- on His straight path- as we trust in Him with all our hearts (Prov 3:5). If the road seems excessively bumpy, I may want to consider if I've continued down the side of the road, hanging on to disappointment, instead of following in the direction the LORD has prepared."

This comment really hit home for me. I don't think I'm necessarily a "spoiled brat", but I sure do like to "wallow in self-pity" sometimes. If I don't want to hang on to disappointment, rejection, or any other emotion that will keep me from enjoying God's best, I need to readdress my focus (as I've shared previously).  Lysa's devo closed with these encouraging words:

But God's girls have a beautiful promise tucked in our pocket that lets us smile even when tears puddle in the corner of our eyes. Even when there's no rainbow, pot of gold, or galloping prince, we have the promise of redemption.

On the other side of every death there will always be a resurrection of some sort. Maybe not a resurrection of our circumstances. And maybe not a resurrection of things lining up like we thought they should. But there will be a resurrection. Jesus has insured that.

Nothing in this world can permanently strip hope from our lives when we know we do "not follow cleverly invented stories…about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ" but we follow the reality of the Risen One (2 Peter 1:16, NIV). He is our resurrection.

He is our hope.
He is that beautiful reminder that rejection from man never means rejection from God.
And He is the one who is weaving a story into our life that will one day make sense.

Dear Lord, I know You suffered the sting of rejection in a much more intense way than I ever will. And while this rejection is small in the grand scheme of life, it feels huge in my heart right now. Will You help me process this? Will You help me see past it? Will You let this fragile heart feel the warmth of Your acceptance and love today? In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Thanks to Lysa and the anonymous commenter for adding such timely insights!


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