MySpace (part 2) MY TREASURES

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned the “treasures” I have displayed in MySpace. And I’d like to share a few with you.
Two are items that we had given to our beloved Aunt Anna when she was going in and out of the hospital and rehab during her last year before she went home to glory. One is a cross that bears the verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13. When I am certain that I cannot write another word, I am reminded that it is not I who is doing the writing. The other is a “promise box” containing Scripture verses to daily remind me of His faithful promises to His children.
Around my desk, I have my books on one side and family photos on the other side, and the sweet journal that my daughter gave me in between.
But the most prominent item is the rock collection atop my desk. Why rocks??
My husband and I have a tradition that when God performs a mighty act in our lives, we save a rock from the event. When we started this, we didn’t even realize that this was a biblical tradition! Back in Old Testament days, the patriarchs and prophets lived nomadic lives. There were long periods of time in which they did not hear from God. So when they did hear from Him, they often built a pile of rocks, called an altar, as a tangible reminder of His work in their lives before they moved on to their next location.
So what are some stories my rocks tell?
-Our home/office was threatened to be taken from us by the state to build a new road. We were firmly told that there was absolutely nothing that could be done to change this action, so we prayed and asked many others to pray as well. Several months later, miraculously the decision was reversed with no reason given!
-My husband was apprehensive about surgery that he was having in Canada. We made a family trip out of it, and throughout the entire journey, God repeatedly went before us in the most amazing ways.
-We have a rock with 3 stripes, symbolizing the scars that I have from my knee surgeries and my daughter’s stitches on her knee, representing the stripes by which we are healed.
-On my daughter’s first mission trip, she was unfairly given a disciplinary action. Called a “special blessing”, she was required to do some manual labor. As she was working, she had a spiritual awareness of how Jesus was unfairly treated, and during this time, she found a heart shaped rock.
-There is a fish-shaped rock from Charlotte, NC, site of my first writer’s conference where God clearly spoke to me about my future in Him.
-One of our rocks is not a rock at all. It is a piece of gas pipe. My husband discovered that in our boiler room was a gas pipe that the plumber had not connected. It was a complete miracle that it hadn’t moved, or spewed gas into a room with a constant flame, or blew the house up. My husband says that there was an angel with hands raised holding this pipe together for 2 years!
-2 decorative rocks were gifts to me, each bearing a Scripture verse:
“The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress and My Deliverer.” Ps. 18:2
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13

-1 small rock (a gift from my son) imprinted with - “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” Jesus Christ
When we got our dog 5 years ago, we were brainstorming to find a name for her. My daughter suggested “Roxie.” My first thought was of the character Roxie Hart from the movie "Chicago" that had been released shortly before:
“Name my dog after a murdering adulteress?? I don’t think so!”
But then Lauren explained her reasoning:
She said she was thinking of things about her family that are unique, and she remembered our rock collection.
“Name my dog after the great works of God? Oh, yeah, that works!”


Mari said...

I loved reading about your rocks and the stories behind them. What a great tradition!

Audrey said...

the rock collection is such a great idea for the physical reminder of our answered prayers!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

Cathy said...

What a heartwarming story. I loved it and I love all of you guys!

Penny said...

Susan, this is a great story! I'll get back to you via email about our writers group.