"Cuts" by Guest Blogger Lauren

Today, we have a special guest blogger.
Many thanks to my daughter, Lauren,
beautiful on the inside and outside.

Last week, I danced in our Good Friday service. I love dancing and I use this gift God has given me in order to serve him and to worship him. However, this time I got hurt during the dance. I didn’t pull a muscle or twist my ankle. It was a small little floor burn on the top of my foot. I’m a dance major at college so I’m used to getting them but for some reason this one hurt really bad. It made me think… How could a tiny little cut hurt so badly when the rest of my body was perfectly healthy? Everything else in my whole body was fine but this cut was driving me nuts. I couldn’t touch it, wanted to fix it, it stings and couldn’t take my mind off it.

Isn’t it interesting how this tiny little cut is exactly like disappointments, heartbreak and problems in our life that seem like they shouldn’t matter, but they matter the most to us? In comparison to natural disasters, being diagnosed with cancer, losing a job, or losing someone you love, the “small” things in our personal life that we deal with don’t seem to match up. A floor burn doesn’t match up to a pulled muscle or twisted ankle, but it still hurts. Sometimes I feel guilty dwelling and praying fervently on matters in my personal life because I know there are people going through much harder issues. How could this tiny little cut in our life hurt so badly when the rest of our life is looking good?

Guess what, the heartache I’m facing right now is exactly like my cut. I can’t touch it, want to fix it, it stings and can’t take my mind off it. Cuts don’t go away quickly, and if we don’t take care of it, it can get infected and then our little cut turns into a big problem. So how can we prevent more damage from the cuts in our life? The Bible and prayer can be used like Neosporin. It removes bacteria like it removes our fears, and quickens the healing process. Christian family and friends can be used like a band-aid. They can’t remove the pain but they can cover it and prevent more irritation. Although these things can help, the pain doesn’t go away quickly, it still takes time.

The little cuts do matter.
P.S.- here is a clip from the “Lead Me to the Cross” dance:


Mari said...

You are so right about the little cuts. The wonderful thing is that God cares about everything that is going on in our lives - big and small!

Susan C said...

Beautiful job, Lauren - dancing and writing!! You have wonderful insights and it is inspiring to see how you allow God to use difficult situations in your life to grow you closer to Christ. He is molding you to be more like Him everyday...it is painful to be "molded" but you are a good example of it being worth it! Thank you for sharing.

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