Wisdom From Lauren, the Textmaster !

My daughter's response to my post about texting is worth a post of her own.

How thankful am I to have a daughter with such great wisdom and insight! I could joke about how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree or how I did such a great job imparting my wisdom, but the truth is I have made my fair share of mistakes along the way, and I know many moms who have excelled at parenting only to see their child make poor choices or face many trials along the way. So I know that it is by the grace of God alone that I can be proud of my daughter's wisdom and accomplishments.

Here's her comment to yesterday's post:

When you text someone, its easy to read their text with expressions because you know exactly how they meant it. When people don't text as much, I feel like the texts are more on a factual basis. The same thing can be related to God. The more we text, or read the Bible, the easier it is to see the expression, and know what His will is. If we don't read as much, we can still say we are Christians, but its more of a factual basis instead of a relationship in which we delve into expressing ourselves with the love we have for our Lord and Savior.

In today's fast-paced society, we often hear that spending "quality time" with our kids is more important than "quantity time." But the truth is that there is no adequate substitute for spending ample amounts of time together when it comes to developing real relationships. Having 2 aunts that I equally adore, one here in NJ, the other in Arizona, taught me that it is easier to recognize the voice on the phone when speaking with my local aunt who I spent more time with. The more time we spend in communication the easier it is to recognize the unseen voice. The same with God. The more time spent in prayer and Bible reading, the easier it is to recognize His voice.

Let's all commit to spending both "quality time" and "quantity time" with the Lord and with our loved ones!! Thanks, Lauren, for the insight!!


Maria said...

very true.

LisaShaw said...

Praise the LORD Susan! I enjoyed reading this very insightful message. I found you via Joanne at Blessed who is hosting your blog as one of the 7 to visit this month. So glad that I did. I look forward to visiting again soon. God bless you.