Get Smart-er!

While on the retreat, I shared my recent testimony - that I have nicknamed the year 2008 "Get Smart!" You may remember the program “Get Smart” from childhood days. The main character, Maxwell Smart, was a bumbling agent who worked for an organization named Control, fighting crime against the nemesis, Kaos. The opening credits pictured Maxwell Smart walking in a straight line, and as he walked, doors just opened for him one after another. Last year, as I was just walking with the Lord, doors began to open for me in unexpected ways, moving me in the direction of writing, maybe publishing, a book.

What I forgot to mention was that when this new journey began, I made a committment to myself and my family that whatever came my way, I would not get so caught up in my project that I neglected my responsibilities at home. In the past, my tendency to get so absorbed in what I'm doing had caused me to lose all track of time, and I'd be frantic trying to get my other tasks done. I knew this wasn't God's way, so I have resolved to keep my priorities in order. You might say - I'm moving from Kaos to Control!!

Anyway, back to my story - I had closed my testimony by saying that if 2008 was Get Smart, then 2009 will be Get Smarter! When I got home, the first thing I saw was this bag from my daughter's college bookstore on the kitchen table:

Yay!! Who can say life with God isn't fun?