Are you a Secret Service Agent?

My adult Sunday School class has been discussing spiritual gifting and serving the Lord. This week's lesson was about serving in the mundane. When we are involved in serving the Lord, do we seek attention or admiration for ourselves? Jesus said that we are to let our light shine before men, so that may see your good deeds and praise who? Not you! ... so that they may praise your Father in heaven! We were challenged to perform secret acts of service, so that we would experience the joy of serving the Lord for the sheer joy of serving, expecting no reward, acclaim, attention or even appreciation. "And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.." Col. 3:23
As class was ending, Brad brought up a great illustration. In the CIA and other clandestine government organizations, many deeds that benefit our country are done completely in secret. Rewards for a job well done are presented secretly. No publicity. No one knows the risks taken, dangers faced, sacrifices made on our behalf. These men and women perform acts of service knowing that their actions are for the benefit of those who will never know about them, and thus will never be able to express their appreciation.
Compare that to the Academy Awards on Sunday night. People spending thousands of dollars to dress up and parade in front of an admiring crowd. What did these celebrities do to earn such acclaim?
Jesus said that if we receive a reward here on earth, that's all we get. But if we serve without seeking any reward, our reward in heaven will be great and will be eternal. That's the prize I desire! How about you? Won't you join me as a Secret Service agent of the kingdom of heaven?


Jean said...

What a great illustration.

I want to be in the Lord's "Secret Service," too.


Mari said...

I really, really like this! I'm afraid I have been guilty and sometimes still am of attending the Academy awards, but the Secret Service is so much better!

Nancy said...

Good Word!!!!