Miracle Worker

I received this in an email (thanks Kim!).
This image put a lump in my throat.
Let's be sure to thank God the for miracles, big and small, that He does every day.
Today, my daughter had a pressure-cooker day. In the "hi!" message she left on my home machine, her voice wavered, a sign of the stress she was feeling. When I arrived home and checked the mailbox, I sent her a text message that the schoolbooks she ordered had come. Later she called and said with a laugh, "God cracks me up!" She shared part of what her struggles had been that day, and at the very moment she was lamenting to herself that she really needed those books for her class, she received my text message that they had arrived. It was like releasing the lid of the pressure-cooker. God's fingerprints were all over the timing in that small matter.
I sometimes have trouble grasping the fact that the God of the universe, who sets planets in orbit and galaxies in motion, is just as concerned about our individual trials and tribulations. They are not small matters to Him. And I think that is what is so astounding to me! I could possibly grasp that He is the Creator of this vast universe. Or I could possibly grasp that He is my Friend or that He loves me as His precious child. But to be both just boggles my mind! You may have heard it said: He is so big the universe cannot contain Him, yet He is so small He fits inside our hearts. Close your eyes and imagine the far reaches of the universe. He is there. Close your eyes and take a slow deep breath - inhaling the very Spirit of God. He is there. What an awesome, unfathomable, loving, caring God we serve!! Won't you ask Him to reveal Himself to you more, show you something new today?


Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Hi Susan!

Just stopping by and getting my fill of your beautiful blog. God has to smile everytime He sees the words you write here.

ALL for His glory.

Thinking of you and wishing I could hang out at Eternity Cafe and share a cup of tea every day.

Blessings friend,


Mari said...

I got that cartoon in an e-mail and was touched by it too. Yes - It's awesome that we have a God who cares about our little problems and has His hand in our lives!

Nancy D. said...

Thanks for the reminder Susan. In trying to figure out the direction God wants me to take regarding employment or even possibly school I have often felt very anxious and confused. The other day i had an aha moment when I realized that God is not confused at all. He knows exactly what I will be doing and his timing will be perfect.
God bless Nancy D.

Cheryl said...

I forwarded your last eternity to Lauren C. and said:
This is how I know that I could pray to God about your circumstances today and know that he would concern himself about it that I could leave you in His hands..
so glad all went well today,

her response was WOW