Impossible is Nothing!

Breezing past the Athletic Department today, a pink t-shirt splashed with Dating Game style letters caught my eye. The groovy letters stated "Impossible is Nothing".
It put a new spin on Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God." When I say those words, I say NOTHING is impossible with God. My focus is on the problem which is huge to me, but is nothing for God.
But with this switch of words, I picture God looking at the problem saying, "Impossible?? Ha! It's nuthin'!" The focus is on Him, not the problem.
I found that this is the new slogan for Adidas. Soon, there'll be ads and commercials galore. When you see them, remember God in heaven for whom all things really are possible!

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Mari said...

I like that twist. I'm sure we'll see it a lot and I'll remember this!