Are you a flirt?

Saturday, I went to my first writers group and was so blessed. The meeting opened with a teaching by the leader Louise DuMont titled: "Are you a flirt?" referring to people who are flirting with writing, who start and don't finish, who talk about it but don't pursue publication, etc. Here's what she said:

"People who flirt don't mean any real harm. But the truth is that flirters often lead others to believe they want a serious relationship when, in truth, all a flirt wants is a little fun. Flirting is fun for the one doing the flirting. It's like eating all the cake you want with none of the calories. No work, no commitment, all fun. Unfortunately, it eventually leaves the flirter feeling less than fulfilled and causes others to look on the flirter with less respect."

This got me thinking about our relationship with God. Are we flirting with Him? Do we want all the benefits without any of the responsibilities that an honest relationship requires? So often, we go to church, enjoy the music and fellowship, but miss the depth of intimacy that God desires to have with us. There's a saying that goes, "Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car." So what does make us a Christian? It's the relationship that we have with our Savior. He wants to abide with us - to dwell with us - to set up house and live with us permanently, 24/7. This is not a casual relationship. This is a lifetime commitment.

When a couple gets married, they stop flirting with each other and have serious conversations, make important decisions together, view their lives as a partnership. The married couple will need to make sacrifices and compromises and surrender selfish desires because that is what will be better for the relationship. It's no longer about doing it "my way" or obtaining what "I want". It's "WE" now, hopefully forever.

When we become a Christian, we say "I do" to God. We must make the commitment that involves sacrifice, compromise and surrender. But whatever we relinquish for our relationship with God is for our own good. When we don't get "our way", it's because our way is not the best way. Our commitment with God is a two-way agreement, a covenant between the two of us. It is a lifetime vow of dedication, devotion, and loyalty.

Does this mean the fun is gone from the relationship? Not at all. Life with Jesus is more joyful than any relationship we can imagine. He provides peace, laughter, confidence, and more. The deeper the relationship the more rewarding it is. No matter how wonderful your husband may be, he is still just a person with all the faults that accompany being human. On the other hand, Jesus will never let you down, will never leave you, will always supply all your needs (maybe not your wants, but definitely all your needs).

With a mate like that, why settle for anything less?


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Louise Bergmann DuMont said...

Your presence at the NJCWG was a blessing. I'm glad the Lord led you to our group. After reading your blog I clearly see that the Lord has plans for His words - eagerly tapped out through your keyboard. Lovely blog! Keep writing.
Louise Bergmann DuMont
Author & Speaker
Faith Dipped Chocolate: Rich Encouragement to Sweeten Your Day (Revell)