Mary Had A Little Lamb

This is a poem that I wrote for my children and the children of my church 13 years ago.
I pray that you will share it with your children during this advent season,
and that it will speak to hearts, both young and old.

Mary Had A Little Lamb
Mary had a little lamb.
His name was Jesus Christ,
He came to save this world from
sin and to give us eternal life.
He had a home in heaven
before earth's time began.
He left His throne and majesty
to become just like a man.

He said unto His Father
"I go to do Your will,
It might not be what I'd want,
but I will do it still.
The people need a Savior
and so I must depart
Our home up here in heaven
to give men brand new hearts."

And so His home he left behind,
and He came down to earth.
Mary and Joseph did prepare
for this sacred birth.
Mary and Joseph heard from God
when an angel did appear.
He told them not to be afraid -
With God, there's never fear.

He spoke to Mary first, then to
Joseph later in a dream.
Told them they'd have the Son of God
Amazing it did seem.
They had to go to Bethlehem
for that was Joseph's home.
There was nowhere for them to stay.
They felt so all alone.

But God did lead them to a place
that blessed Christmas morn.
For Mary was great with child
ready to be born.
It was not a royal palace.
It was not a rich man's home,
It was in a lowly stable
through which animals did roam .

The shepherds heard the good news
while tending for their sheep.
"The Lamb of God was born this day,
He's in a manger fast asleep."
An angel had appeared to them
"Glad tidings," he did say,
"in Bethlehem, there's been born
a Savior for you this day."

More angels then appeared to them
with praises greater still
"Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth, peace and good will."

And so they ran to Bethlehem
and saw the babe so small.
They gazed in adoration,
then spread the news to all.

Later came the wise men
who traveled from afar.
Always looking heavenward
toward that special star.
They brought gifts and presents
for the new born King.
They fell down as they rejoiced
To Him they were worshipping.

The baby's name is Jesus
which means that He will save
the people from their sins,
and He'd teach them to behave.
Thirty-three years later
He gave His life just like He said
Redeemed us all while wearing
a crown of thorns upon His head.

But now, He's seated in heaven
upon His royal throne,
seeking salvation
for those He calls His own.

Now to any who will receive Him
He gives abundant grace -
to be called a child of God
and to gaze upon His face.

Now you can be a shepherd
tending to the needs,
helping the hurting, showing the way
as God the shepherd leads.

You can be a wise man
down on bended knee
or hands raised high with praise & awe
to worship His majesty.
Or like the wise men, you can go
traveling far or near
telling of God's greatness
to anyone who will hear.

For God did speak to Mary
And He spoke to Joseph, too.
And if you listen with your heart
God will speak to you!!

Susan Panzica, © 1995


Nicole said...

Beautiful poem Susan, you may very well be a poet too!
Love in Christ, Nicole

Debbie Petras said...

Oh my Susan, this is so beautiful. You are a very talented poet.

Blessings and love,