Thankful Thursday

First of all, let me express my thanks to you for sharing your precious time with me here at Eternity Cafe, for your encouragement and your support over this past week & a half. It's a whole new world, this blogosphere!! And since I'm trying to write a book, I worried that this blog might become a burden. Instead, it has sparked my creative juices, and helped to focus me on my project!

I plan to use some Thursdays as an opportunity for you and me to express thanks! As Paul wrote in 1 Thess. 5:18, "Give thanks in ALL circumstances, for this is God's will for you." Did you ever wonder - what is God's will for me? Well, here it is! Giving thanks in all circumstances! (Not FOR all your circumstances, but IN all circumstances. And sometimes, it may be in spite of your circumstances. There's always something to be thankful for.) When he wrote about prayer and peace in his letter to the Phillipians, Paul says that "in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God..." Then that incomprehensible peace of God with stand guard over your heart and your mind. Do you want the peace of God? When you pray, be sure to include thanksgiving.
I'm so thankful to God for the peace He alone can give. For loving me when I was (and am) unlovely. For His great sacrifice - giving me new life. I'm thankful for the other loves of my life - my wonderful family. God knew what He was doing when He gave me my husband and kids. I'm so proud of them, and I am a better person because they are in my life. And I couldn't ask for a better church family!

Won't you take a moment now to think of what you are thankful for?
Will you share a comment so that we can all be blessed?


Joanne said...

I must give thanks today for my husband. I have been doing this Love Dare now for a week and it has shown me just how selfish I can be in our relationship...and I thought I was doing just great.

My husband puts me first in all things. He is my best friend and wants to spend all of his free time with me. We are often going to get a coffee together or just sharing a lunch somewhere. Since he has moved one of his offices to our home, we are now together even more.

I truly thank God for him.

Mari said...

I'm so thankful for my husband family and church family too! The people that surround us make such a difference in our lives and I love my people!

Deanna said...

I am thankful for great friends to spend time with.

I am also thankful for my new job that I am in training for.

I am also thankful for my internet friends and blogger buddies that share such inspiration with others.

Mostly I am thankful that God has a plan for even me and that it will be wonderful when he is done.

Mamma Donna said...

I am thankful for having a husband who loves the Lord, first and foremost. And he loves me more than I ever could have expected. I prayed for that kind of man to come into my life for years, and God gave me Steve.

Also for my daughter Christina and her husband Scott -- that they both know the Lord and serve Him faithfully. And for my brother Rick and his wife Andrea, who led me to the Lord 23 years ago.

I am very grateful!