Gentle Leader

Roxie Panzica
My little pup, Roxie (I'll explain the name in a future post - think "rock-see") and I took a stroll yesterday in the beautiful autumn weather. Now, this doggie of mine is a natural born "puller". She always has been. Put the leash on her, and she is so excited, she can't wait to get moving. It puts a terrible strain on her neck. We tried the choker collar to no avail. Tried one with teeth that cut into her neck, that was a nightmare. Then we found the "Gentle Leader". It is a miracle. No stress. No pulling. No problem. It's based on the theory of a horse's reign. Instead of attaching the leash to the back of her neck, it attaches under her chin. If she pulls, her head will go down and she stops pulling immediately. The only thing is - she doesn't much like putting it on.
Saddest face ever :(

When she sees it coming, she turns her head to the side. So like the mom I am, I start talking to her: "I know, baby, it's not what you want, but it's what you need." Well, that reminded me of the Rolling Stones song my husband would sing to our kids when they were young: "You can't always get what you want... you get what you need..."

This episode got me thinking that I have a Gentle Leader too: "You will keep on guiding me with Your command leading me to a glorious destiny." Psalm 73:24 Our Lord is a most Gentle Leader, is He not? We want to pull this way or that. He knows that often what we want is not what we need, and He leads us in the right direction. We may resist or turn aside, but if we allow Him to direct us our paths, we will experience His best for us.

Roxie overcomes her initial objection because she knows that it's only with the Gentle Leader she'll have that walk she longs to have.

Oh, so happy! :)

Would we be so wise and let our Gentle Leader lead us!!


Jeannie said...


i am so glad you are doing this, both for you and for myself and many others. your dog is beautiful. i am going to print a picture of her for my hubby to see after i finish writing you.

the "pulling" part reminded me of how i hear God talking to me (which i believe is God's will) and many times i don't listen. just finished a conversation about this particular thing before opening this e-mail and now i feel HE is doing it again. OH MY GOSH IS HE TALKING TO ME. i pray i will respond to this and stop procrast. about the matter even though it will be emot. painful.

Love & God Bless,


Betsy said...

Your message today was so so perfect for me Sue.. My job /career path is very uncertain and i pray God for the patience to "hang in there and not feel anxious and afraid of what's ahead" I hear him tell me I have a plan just hold my hand...

Anonymous said...

Excellent...I am also amazed that you did that so late last night after a long day...must be God's strength and grace!!