Where Feet May Fail


The first of the sun’s rays had yet to break the long exhausting night. What should have been an hour boat ride now stretched into a 6 hour nightmare.

Jesus had instructed His disciples to board the boat and meet Him on the other side of the lake. All night, a strong wind blowing against them caused the delay. From the mountaintop, Jesus saw them straining at the oars and walked out on the water to them.

Thinking they were looking at a ghost added terror to their exhaustion. But Jesus comforted them immediately, “Take courage. It is I. Do not be afraid.”*

And impulsive Peter replied, “Lord, if it is really You, then call me to meet You on the water.”*

Why, I wonder, did Peter say this?

Why didn’t he say, like I would, “Lord, if it’s You, please come TO ME – here where I am - in the safety of the boat – in the midst of the storm. Come to me here, Lord.”

How often in difficult circumstances do I seek the Lord to meet me where I am, rather than risk stepping out in faith to where He’s calling me?

Why can’t I be like Peter and say instead, “Lord, bring me to where You are, where You want me to be.”
When we take the risk and step out in faith, we can do more than walk on water.

Last year, I took a risk and called a friend to see what small thing we might do to help victims of human trafficking. I had no idea that God had bigger things in mind. Justice Network is the product of two Jersey moms who took a step out of their boat.  

My daughter asked God where He wanted her to be, and she found herself studying dance ministry at Hillsong Intl. Leadership College in Sydney Australia. It was the experience of a lifetime for her. (Click here for a video of the dance she choreographed to Oceans by Hillsong.)

Stepping out of the safety of the boat doesn’t always mean big things are in your future. We don’t know what will happen.  And we don’t need to know. God knows.

We just need to take one step. 

Then follow that with one more step.

The Bible says that the Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. It’s not like a stadium floodlight that makes the night as bright as day. It’s more like a flashlight in the dark allowing us to see one step at a time.

Perhaps if we could see more, we’d run the other way. But God takes hold of our hand providing peace and the strength to continue forward with trust that He knows the way, and someday we may know too.

How is God calling you to come to Him? Are you willing to take just one step of obedience? 

*Matt. 14:22-53, Mark 6:45-53, John 6:16-24

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