Gift of Healing

Thanks again to my dear friend Cheri Bunch for sharing this story of love, loss, and new life.

 There really wasn't much of a relationship between us anymore. We had to see each other once in awhile but it wasn't ever because we wanted to. We are family and we share mutual love for other members in the family.

Holidays were extremely difficult for us. Especially Christmas. This loved one, so to speak, did not ever like what I purchased for her. She was very vocal about her disapproval and if she did like it she refused to say so. It was a member of the family who was highly esteemed by others and it would be dreadful if I didn't purchase anything for her.

Truth is, I didn't purchase anything for her for a few Christmases. I got weary of trying to please and I decided that there were others out in the world that were in need and want of gifts. I would carefully spend my time and energy, that I would have spent shopping for her, on those who would appreciate my efforts. After all, Paul instructed us not to give under compulsion. (2 Corinthians 9:7 NASV)

One Christmas I felt like the Lord wanted me to get a gift for her. I bucked at the whole idea for awhile explaining to Him all the reasons that it really wasn't necessary. He disagreed with me, I could feel His disapproval. I began to plead with Him to show me what I could possibly do to bless this person.

He was faithful and I acquired a splendid idea.

I asked each one of my children to write special memories they had of this person. All five of my children wrote some really special memories down about times they had spent in her home, vacations when she had joined us, and stories she had shared with them over the years. Tears ran down my face as I read them. I was so moved by how much this person had meant to my family. They loved her so much. I was blessed by all the ways they shared about how she had blessed their lives.

Their stories inspired me to write my own testimony of special times I had shared with her in the past. I asked my husband to share his thoughts as well. I compiled each child's story and ours into individual red or green folders. I alternated them when I stacked them up and tied them together with a beautiful Christmas bow. They were beautiful inside and out.

I received a beautiful thank you note the week after Christmas. She loved the gift, calling it thoughtful. She mentioned that she was blessed that I had put so much effort into my giving. It was the most inexpensive gift I had ever given her, but it pleased her the most.

That Christmas a healing began to take place in our relationship. We are a much happier family these days as a result. I began to pray diligently for this dear loved one. Over time our hearts have softened toward one another. The Lord certainly knew what He was talking about! He had a gift in mind that would heal both of our hearts.

"Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share ..." 1 Timothy 6:18



lynnmosher said...

I enjoyed this, well, can more appreciate than anything because I've been in the same place. I truly understand. I pray this Christmas brings a special touch of love to your family. Be blessed, Cheri!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Susan -

Relationships are worth the effort. I always think of what God did to enable us to be part of His family.

Susan :)

myletterstoemily said...

what a beautiful example of love
extended. you always inspire me
to stretch my spiritual wings.

thank you!