Lights In The Darkness

Driving past the airport in the 4 am darkness, looking out the window, I saw acres of blue lights shining like glowing forget-me-nots on a black velvet carpet. From my ground level view, they looked totally random and downright messy.

But from above, these blue dots guide pilots to the correct destination avoiding total disaster. Each light is part of a complex pattern directing the plane to the proper runway to safely land from the sky, and then leading the pilot to the exact gate.

As the plane readied to take off, I noticed the control tower. In the midst of all the chaos, traffic controllers provided needed guidance and instruction. And when I landed, the ground crew further directed the pilot.

Just the perspective I needed that morning as I reflected on the random messes in my life. Do you have random messes, things that are difficult to understand? To continue reading, click here

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