Who's calling you?


My son AJ turned and put down the rake. Sweaty and tired from his backyard landscaping project, the last thing he expected was to hear our beloved neighbor across the street calling him so harshly. “There must be something wrong,” he thought. And there it was again.


Bewildered, AJ sauntered across the street and saw Kim in her front yard, hands cupped aside her mouth, bellowing, “AJ, COME HERE!”

“Kim, is something wrong?”

Her eyes landed on AJ, and when she saw the expression on his face, Kim broke out in hysterical laughter, hands on knees, almost rolling over into the driveway. It was several minutes before she was able to compose herself enough to squeak out the story. She was dog-sitting, and AJ-the dog had run away down the street.

AJ-the son,  greatly relieved that she was calling AJ-the dog, ran off to retrieve the missing pet.

There’s an important lesson we can glean from this light-hearted case of mistaken identity.

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