God Isn't

Many thanks to Jeanette Levellie for sharing today's post with you. Jeanette writes funny and she writes powerful. Here is one of her powerful posts:

As I look back on my journey of faith, especially our years in ministry, I've discovered some surprises about my Father. He discloses His heart to us by saying “I AM NOT” as much as when He declares, “I AM.” God isn’t…

The Good Shepherd is not afraid that if the economy fails, He won’t be able to supply your needs. His provision is based on His riches (Philippians 4:19), not global events or your employment status. Heaven is off limits to recession and depression. If you are God’s child and you’re a tither, He has promised to care for you. He won’t become angry if you are bold enough to remind Him of that promise. I think it would compliment the Lord that you are coming to Him instead of the government or Uncle Charlie.

When you approach your Father, asking the same favor for the three hundredth time, He doesn’t say, “Oh, you again? I have more important people and things to manage today.” He longs to have pity on you and show you favor. He rises to have compassion on you (Isaiah 30:18). Jesus said, “If you, a mere earthly father will give good things to your kids, how much more will your Heavenly Father give to those who ask Him?”

The Master of the universe doesn’t feel insulted when ungodly people take His name in vain, refuse to believe in Him, or twist His Word around to suit their narrow perceptions. It doesn’t distress Him if people try to explain creation by theories or attempt to prove He doesn’t exist. In fact, He laughs at them (Psalm 2:4). But, I do sometimes wonder if He cringes when His kids act worse than heathens, fighting among themselves. That may tick Him off…

The God of all Wisdom knows more than all of us put together. I know it’s laughable to see it in print. Then, why do we seek His guidance as Plan Z instead of A? Why do we trust people’s word over His? He has all the direction we will ever need. When we ask, He promises to share (James 1:5). And don’t think He only speaks in church on Sunday morning between 9:30 and noon through a trained preacher. Open your Bible some Tuesday afternoon or Saturday morning and see what’s happening in His heart. 

The Lord of creation loves to surprise us by solving things His way, rather than how we’ve figured it out. He used a pimple-faced, sweaty teenager to kill a giant that had an entire army terrified. What unconventional method might He use to fix your problem?

Have you discovered other ways "God Isn't"?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A spunky, sometimes reluctant pastor’s wife of thirty-six years, Jeanette has published articles, greeting card verses, stories and calendar poems. She authors a bi-weekly humor/inspirational column in her local newspaper, and enjoys speaking to church and civic groups, offering hope and humor in every message. She is the mother of two, grandmother of three, and waitress to several cats. Find her blog, On Wings of Mirth and Worth, at http://jeanettelevellie.blogspot.com/



Mari said...

This is great! It's important to remind ourselves of what God isn't as well as what He is!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Thank you, dear Susan, for re-posting this. You are a blessing to all who know you.

With love,

North Jersey Christian Writers Group said...

I so agree. These truths are vital to keep in mind.

Thanks to you for allowing me to share your words of wisdom. Such a blessing.

Terri Tiffany said...

I love Jeanette and her wisdom! Loved this post about what God isn't because so often I think He is!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Susan & Jen -

How nice to find two of my favorite people hanging out here!

Jen has a way of getting to the heart of an issue with humor and grace. I love her writing. :)


KelliGirl said...

Thanks for sharing this message. It's a good reminder of who we are...and who He is.

Hope you're doing well!
Happy Friday,

Rhonda Schrock said...

This is just as good the second time around! Great job, Jeanette. Yea and amen.

Waving and smiling with thanks to Susan, too,